gen, you need to listen to this

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by montfish, Nov 21, 2008.

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  1. That song was so chad it made my teeth curl.

    Standby to get hammered by pers and crab air for this. FFS!
  2. Yes, that song is shockingly bad, but then again so is your avatar.
  3. Chadder than my grandads Phys kit!!
  4. How embarassing.
  5. What a truly horrible songalmost as bad as that rememberance thingy song !! ^_^;
  6. Suicide is painless Lamri. Death by Henno isnt.
  7. Oh I'm not dissin' the Garvey Luke, just don't accept that you're man enough to have the British Seagal's phot as your avvy :D
    Did he say you could do that?
  8. Yes he did Lammers. If i get 18 hours tomorrow on my Xbox 360 will you accept that im manly enough then? ( cant find the emoticons but big smile!!!) xx
  9. Bleh!
    Xbox shmex box!

    Come on mate, If Henno "ChuckSeagalConanVanDamme" Garvey says its ok, who am I to argue ;)
  10. WTF!
    That is incredibly bad :thumbdown:

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