Gen Sir Richard dannett on question time BBC1 @ 22:35

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by X.R.D, Dec 10, 2009.

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  1. As the title suggests the man himself will be appearing on Question time from Wooton Bassett on BBC1 at 22:35 tonight!!
  2. Just noticed that. As a big fan of QT I've found it a bit of an anti-climax after the 'Griffin show' of a couple of months or so ago, but tonight should be interesting.
  3. I am primed with port and ready to go!

    *Bonus - Top Gear is on Dave straight after* :D
  4. Hmmm. The general consensus from the audience, as far as I can tell, is "we are fully behind our troops, however what the fcuk are we trying to achieve?"
  5. I've had a bottle of wine and am half way through a Gin.

    Paddy is doing a great job.... agree with your comment about the fact people are behind the troops. As for the strategy, I doubt the government even knows...
  6. Dannett and Ashdown - handbags at dawn!!!
  7. ....and did Dannett squirm..!!

    Though I do take Dannetts side here
  8. I know this isn't Lil's but my God Diane Abbott looks rats on This Week 8O

    Who is her stylist? Dian Fossey?
  9. You were a serving officer, dammit, how dare you make retirement plans?

    Oh, Paddy, what a hissy little fit! I sympathise with Salma, who was largely sidelined by the big boys and letting that turd Piers Morgan shout her down showed that David Dimbleby is not the level-playing-field chairman that he should be.
  10. I was deeply unimpressed by the Naval wife whinging about her husband deploying for 6 months. What does she expect? "Join the Navy and stay at home"? More fodder for the anti RN sections of society!

  11. That "little black off one shoulder number" made her look like a lock forward who'd just been involved in a rough scrum. 8O
    But, as an excuse, she had just been out to dinner with Michael Portillo. :roll:

  12. Was painful watchig her
  13. Yes, she was embarrasing.
  14. Don't you just cringe when you hear women like this, should go down well in the mess though.
  15. Watched the program, and hoped that some one would say a polite 'Thank you' to the good people of
    Wootton Bassett, for the respect that they give to our returning dead.


  16. We all enjoy listening to that thick tawt. Looked like a Vietnamese pot belly pig in drag.

    Thought Paddy did a good show straight for the jugular no problem.
  17. Also watched, but noticed when Sir Richard did just as you asked and thanked the people of Wootton Bassett for their continued support. You must have been out of the room!
  18. I watched it and couldn't understand the point or question the matelot's wife in the audience said/asked the panel. She was pretty much trying not to cry as she spoke saying her husband having to go away for 6 months deployment (not to afgan) they have 4 kids what about them.

    My thoughts was "life in a blue one!" She did make me laugh out loud!
  19. Six months deployment !!!!!! oh! my... kids today eh !
  20. Don't the JRs get to fly home half way through or summat?

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