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Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by Shakey, Jul 17, 2006.

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  1. Word is there may be a small MTO cell set up in the Med whilst the Israeli thing is kicking off. This will need reservists to staff it.

    It does seem true now, the bit where they say reservists should expect to be deployed at least once during their service career. Looks like the days when you could treat the RNR as a hobby are gone. I bet there's some 'old and bold' RNR senior rates/ranks that are NOT happy!
  2. They'll take volunteers first though I would have thought? Rather than calling up anyone.
  3. What are you implying shakey? :evil:
  4. Perhaps you would like to elaborate on the sweeping statement you have just made. Perhaps with some facts. I am what you would describe as being one of the more experienced hands but for your info I am on the volunteer list to be mobilised and have been so since they asked for volunteers. I am also aware of a large number of 'Old and Bold volunteers' who see it as a duty, not a hobby.
  5. No offence fellers, but when I first joined there was a 'hobby' feeling amongst some RNR members at President, and to this day I know of at least one person who sees it as a hobby.

    I think the sooner this 'hobby' attitude is finally eradicated the better.
  6. Here here O H. I too take extreme exception at what is being implied here. As an 'old and bold senior rate' (another term i take exception to, as i'm only just 40) who volunteered to be mobilised for op telic 1 as soon as there was any hint of call up, and was utilised in the aforementioned op telic 1. I have also volunteered for the call for op herrick and am on the list for said operation, as have other older rates/ranks in my RU, for both telic and herrick. I would like to see if shakey would be willing to admit what his activities in the rnr have involved, or do they just centre around making detrimental and misinformed remarks, about pepole and things that it appears he has little or no knowledge of.
  7. The days of the RNR being a hobby went in Jan 2003 heralded by a brown envelope throught the door and its never been the same since!..hardly surprising though!
  8. Mazza, I think we're actually singing off the same hymn sheet. Note I said SOME old and bold, not all.
  9. well perhaps shakey, you could have typed the word 'some' in CAPITALS as you did in your reply, to save any confusion over what exactly was meant. :roll:
  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

  11. I've never been to Wildfire, what's it like? :wink:
  12. couldn't tell you shakey as i've never been there either. are you going tell us what you've done in your time in the rnr, or keep trying to guess what unit people are from and avoid the question?
  13. Nah, can't do that I'm afraid for PERSEC reasons. Suffice to say I've been 'round the block at bit.
  14. Ah i see ! in the closet are you?
  15. Yeah, closet intellectual! :)
  16. its just that i am shocked to see someone with as much to say on the subject you've raised, hiding behind 'PERSEC'
  17. Fyi I understand that 66% of the team which may close up for said purpose are at the very high end in terms of age and RNR service. Rumour has it that zimmer frames are now supplied instead of pussers reds!!!

    Theres no substitute for experience!!
  18. I haven't got that much to say on the subject. It's just from my experience that some members of the RNR treat it like a hobby and thankfully those that do seem to be getting fewer in number. It seems to be a hangover from the 80's/90's when they could spend a weekend on a minesweeper on a training cum jolly to France or Belgium or somewhere.

    The whole 'hobby' attitude is wrong and needs to be eradicated IMHO. I think the message is finally getting through that as a reservist you can get deployed, and the hobbyists are leaving due to this reason or due to time.
  19. Perspective chaps!! Lets not forget, we do volunteer for it, so essentially it is a hobby. Granted a hobby with certain demands and expectations but a hobby non-the-less. Its not like anyone is forced to do it (stand fast ex RN on retained service or something like that).

    I personally consider it a hobby, its certainly not my day job, nor is it my main career, but it is something that I am happy to devote (bloody lots of) my spare time to and would be happy to go away if called. I know that when I get sick of it, I will stop doing it - just like a hobby.

    What does annoy me however (the juicy bit), are the barrack stanchions who avoid sea time and deployments with the RN yet pass themselves off as more jack than jack - I would suggest that the Sea Cadet Corp would be a more suitable environment if they wish to "play sailors".

    "On me"
  20. Hobby or part time job?

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