GEMS- Anybody put one in?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Joint_Force_Harrier, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. I put one in about 3 years ago and have still not heard anything, and onother last year. I have heard the second one has been sorted. Do you get anything for submitting them, i.e a token "encouragement payment"?

    Being a civvy now they will prob use that not to pay me!!!! :?:
  2. It used to be £50, but I'd forgotten that it existed so no idea now, if this paint I'm watching doesn't dry soon mate I'll look it up for you.
  3. As you've not heard anything for three years, the gems committee at the place where you submitted the idea in the first place must have thought your idea was pants and so have placed it in the bin along with your contact details - hence they haven't been able to contact you. Or they have tried but as you would seem to have changed location they don't where you are now. Your idea wasn't about mind reading by any chance was it? :wink:
  4. GEMS isn't £50, I personally know several people that have put them in that received between £640 and £3750. My understanding is that it is based on cost benefit analysis as much as anything. I did put one in reference a change to the TAFMIS and it was very well received to the extent that I had several conversations about how I had arrived at my figures, etc. Outcome was yes, good idea but it will cost more to change the software than we'll save short term!

  5. Well the gut I knew got £50 so his idea must have been sh1t.

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