Geenwich Meridian Line

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by trelawney126, Jul 18, 2009.

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  1. I live quite a distance from the GMT site So.....

    Has anyone got the right time :lol: :lol:
  2. Yes its spring time......cuckoo......cuckoo......cuckoo......cuckoo......cuckoo 8O :D :D
  3. At the third stroke it will be... :lol:
  4. TOT TIME :D :D :wink:
  5. (best with a strong kaffir accent)

    "It is 1200 Greenwich; meantime, here is the News".

  6. Kaffir? or did you mean Yarpie? 8O :?:
  7. True SSN Dit, circa 1970.

    Pay attention at the back, ancient history/old technology, but a True Greenwich Mean Time Dit.

    To minimise vunerable time spent at the roof, W/T transmissions were then Broadcast on VLF in high speed Encrypted Morse at scheduled times, immediately preceeded by the GMT time signal Pips.

    On receipt, this signal traffic was recorded on reel to reel tape recorders then played back at slow speed whilst deep again when the sparkers then de-crypted the result on their ancient, enigma-style KL-7 Machines. (Forked Stick Mark Two)

    So - We came up to peri depth at W/T Schedule time, had quick all round look, but no Signal traffic for us so we went back deep to continue fast passage routine.

    Newby Nav pops into W/T shack, knowing there was no traffic but needed his chrono checked at such times.

    Sez the newby Nav - Did you get the Time Pips OK?

    Sez PoTel (Innocently) - Oh yes sir, we have recorded it especially for you.

    Exit puzzled Newby Nav and all collapsed in a crumpled heap.....

  8. We live 70 degrees north and 23 degrees east,in other words 650 kms north of the arctic circle,beat that if you can, :boogie:
  9. Does the Greenwich(look I spelt it right I wanna prize) line run into Euston, or is it on the south side, and what "time" are the trains.
    Do I have to wait an extra hour during the summer time? 8O :D
  10. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    Who the fcuk would want to?
  11. Does that mean he's a cool dude 8O :D :oops:
  12. And another thing, it's bad enough coping with ferkin chav's in your street,
    fcuk havin polar bears as well 8O :?
  13. Baby polar bear swims to mum on the freezing ice floe. "Mum am I a genuine Polar Bear?" "Of course you are!" mum replied. Baby Polar Bear says "I mean mum, has there ever been any hanky panky in the family, could I be a thowback to a grizzly bear?" No son I've always been faithful to your dad why dont you ask him.
    Baby bear swim over to next ice floe, hauls himself out of the water. "Hello son whats the matter."Dad am I a proper polar bear?" "Of course you are," dad replies. I mean dad you haven't been unfaithful with a grizzly or anything, have you dad?"
    "Son!", replied dad. "Look at yourself lovely white fur coat, beautiful black eyes, standing here on this ice floe, Of course you're a Polar Bear, why do you ask?"

    Baby Polar Bear looks up and says to dad..."I'm fcuking freezing!" :D
  14. Good point granny,thats why we spend six months every year in Spain, 8)

    PS love the polar bear joke trelawney126 :D
  15. Is there a TESCO at Tromso or very near :wink:
  16. Don't be fcukin stupid, they got "Iceland" 8O 8O :oops: :wink:
  17. Sorry slipped up :roll:
  18. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    which 6 months?
  19. Oktober til march in Spain due to the north Norway winter and 24 hrs dark time although we arnt going home this year until august,
  20. Yorpy? Nah; Koffa. :D

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