GBC: "Spanish Survey Vessel Defies Navy To Spend Over Seven Hours In Gibraltar Waters

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by soleil, Nov 19, 2013.

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  1. "A Spanish survey vessel carried out oceanographic work in British Gibraltar Territorial Waters for over seven hours on Monday, repeatedly defying warnings from the Royal Navy.

    The 50m long Ramon Margalef entered local waters at around 5pm and was still motoring back and forth off after midnight, all the while shadowed by the Royal Navy’s HMS Sabre."

    GBC | Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation
  2. AAF

    AAF War Hero

  3. And now Auntie: BBC News - Gibraltar: UK summons Spanish ambassador

    I really, REALLY wish somebody (in the UK Government) would grow a decent set of plums and set about these useless Spic twats.

    All this buggering about with the border has prevented us from going to Gib for our pre-Christmas shopping for all our goodies. What is Christmas without the extras? Now we're going to have to pay the inflated Spanish prices!
  4. Telegraph:

    "Fabian Picardo said that Spanish ships making incursions into British waters may “find themselves shot at” by UK forces because they “are not identified as the vessel of a friendly nation".

    Spanish ships could be mistaken for terrorists and shot at, Gibraltar minister warns - Telegraph


    GIBRALTAR: We are just one shot away from military conflict, warns MP amid new standoff

    "Madrid is in danger of sparking a military conflict with Britain over Gibraltar if it does not tone down its actions, a senior MP warned today as the Royal Navy was involved in a new stand-off with a Spanish ship."

    GIBRALTAR: We are just one shot away from military conflict, warns MP amid new standoff | World | News | Daily Express

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  5. SB

    Was it the length of the queues at the border which put you off, or something else?

    Do we need to despatch emergency supplies of mince pies to you?
  6. Throwing metal at an unarmed ship registered with an Ally wouldn't be the brightest move on the planet. As I understand it, boarding and impounding would be legal and proportionate, though. Let the Spanish suck the sherbert out of that one.
  7. SB says

    "haven't got any air-con as we hate it. The daily sea breeze is quite sufficient during the summer, but we don't get stupidly hot here anyway, usually only mid 30s."

    "Sadly 'they' also put 10% on alchohol recently, so gin is now just over 4 euros a bottle"

    "the weather has broken and it is only 16 today and the mountains are pure white for the first time this year"

    Get em on the plane sol, he's suffered enough
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2013
  8. "Navy, Stop or I, or I put my hands on my hips, raise my voice and sound very very cross"
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  9. We could always throw donkeys at them.
  10. Nah, we'd be outgunned.
  11. Suggest high-powered loudspeakers in Gib aimed at La Linea playing "Viva Espana" non-stop.

    And boycott all Barcelona nuts.
  12. Send the Med Fleet to Gib, that will scare the buggers off.

  13. Sol and Sharkey - my faith in human nature has been restored!

    Sol, it was/is the length of the queues and the unpredictability of them. A pal was down there recently - everything flowing smoothly, when a group of 'Spanish suits' looked at their clipboards and watches, waved to the desk, and the full might of the Guardia Civil began checking cars.

    An emergency air-drop of mince pies would however be most excellent!

    Sharkey - you'll be pleased to know the cold snap is over and it is currently 21.5 (got a bit sweaty walking the dogs this morning!), though the gin remains above 4 euros a bottle!
  14. Wrecker;
    Nah, you'd have more of the twats turn up thinking it was a fiesta.
  15. The big question here is not so much motive (I think most of us are in agreement with Lord West in that this is prompted by a wish to divert internal attention from their economic woes) but what do the Spanish seriously expect to achieve from all this? Or should we treat it with the same distain that South Korea held for the wind and p**h that came from their northern neighbours which eventually de-escalated because it appeared no-one was taking them on and they are almost back to "as you were"? It is obviously rhetoric from the Spanish side, but dangerous rhetoric nonetheless. Is there an actual possibility of the famous and unprecedentedly long-standing European peace (for which the EU won the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize) really being in jeopardy?

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