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Having watched the first 3 days of the Paralympics I have to say i have the upmost respect for all the competitors and am humbled by the commitement, grit and determination. I truely hope that the lads that sustain terrible injuries during their service in the armed forces can gain hope and inspiration from these athletes.

Well done Team GB you are doing a great job!
kinross_special said:
Seconded, the girl that lives next door to the folks is out there in the swimming. Would be nice to see a bit more coverage really.
I agree, it is a shame that after the wall to awall coverage we had for the main event there is very little other than some mentions when we get a gold. Our athletes deserve more.
I've been watching the coverage via broadband but it's not the bbc's fault it's what the chinese show and they only show a few main events.

It's far more than they have done in the past though

There has been some awesome competitions going on. i've enjoyed watching what i have seen
I remember running the Potteries Marathon a few years back.

Running on empty and another few miles to go I rounded this corner and there was this wheelchair entrant struggling up this hill I offered him a drink of water he said he was fine you go for it mate.

His hands where red raw but he was not giving in. I had no problems I thought to myself!

It is really annoying to put it mildly when I see able bodied prats moaning and faces like thunder the lights on but nobody is at home.

Total respect for all these people be it athletes or Joe/Josephine Public.
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