GB news.


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I watched the boss , Andrew Neil in his segment and will give it time to find it's feet.
The picture quality is dire , not HD and the rolling news at the bottom of screen had the same 3 segments for an hour , one being news that Neil will interview Rishy Sunak today.
Sound and continuity probs , very tacky set , it will have to improve to keep an audience.
I have always liked Neil as he always makes politicos and the like squirm , if there were any shackles at the Beeb it could get lively now he is off the leash , I will watch him and sod the rest.


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GB News: Several brands pull advertising from news channel

Not the most popular then?

Am I the only one to see the rank hypocrisy in this sentence?

A post on the Kopparberg Twitter account said: "Kopparberg is a drink for everyone and we have immediately suspended our ads from this channel pending further review of its content."

So, if you watch GB News, it is a drink for everybody but you.

Fabulous. I wont retaliate by saying their cider is gash because it is actually quite nice, especially the flavoured ones. But since they don't want me to buy it I suppose I shouldn't. Wouldn't want to compromise their principles after all.


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Guinness World Records on standby in case GB News becomes first channel to achieve minus viewing figures​


Viewing figures dropped to zero briefly yesterday, following a boycott of the channel that heralds free speech and expression, after one of the presenters used his right to free speech and expression to take the knee; a move that was evidently the wrong type of free speech and expression.

We approached Andrew Neil, the GB News founder and living embodiment of the concept of regret, for a comment on the viewing figures but he told us he’d never heard of ‘GB News’ before hopping on a flight back to France.


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True dit
Johnny Carson was a chain smoker , on his Tonight show he had a small extract fan next to the ashtray with a tab lit on a shelf under the desk , whenever the camera was on the guest he would be taking a drag.
Wonder if Nige has this sort of thing written into his contract , plus the pint of ale too.
GB news ? , rats always know when it is time to pack their grip.