Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Tall_bloke, Jun 2, 2008.

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  1. What with Paul Gascoigne cleary having problems I'm surprised there are no reports in the press of his old "hell-raising" mates Jimmy Five-Bellies, Chris Evans and Danny Baker coming out to support him. Any thoughts anyone?
  2. It sounds like a case of fair weather friends, poor old Gazza it's such a waste.
  3. A friend in need is a friend indeed or it would appear in this case, not at all.

    Shame really as he was a real larger than life character, if slightly mental. :-0
  4. I agree that he was quite a character, and a terrific footie bloke, but he did go a tad too far with the booze etc. Hasn't got anyone else to blame for that but himself. Still, it is rather sad that none of his ex-oppos are there to support him.
  5. He was a brilliant footballer. Maybe he feels that is all he has to offer. I remember hearing him being interviewed on radio, saying that it was eating his heart out not being part of football anymore. Perhaps he was not emotionally mature enough to deal with all that fortune and fame.

    He seems to be in his own private hell at the moment. He has my sympathy, I hope he recovers soon.
  6. It's the Government's fault for making drink too easily available. If they'd increased the Duty and placed alcohol out of his price range, the problem would probably have been easily solved.

    Of course, if he couldn't afford it, no bugger could! We forget that strong drink is not for weak people.
  7. He's an alcoholic. They tend to bleed people dry and his mates are probably totally exhausted and pissed off. Good thing too. He has to reach a final rock bottom before he's willing to do aowt about it.Or die. Either way, it's his choice. The guy has avenues available to help if he'll take them.
    Up to him.
    No point wasting anymore energy on him until he stops wasting it himself and starts to apply himself to the business of living.End of.
  8. Always remember the goal he scored at Wembley against the jocks he flicked it over Mcallisters head then volleyed it in the Mcallister missed a penalty. I was on a Rosyth 42 at the time that certainly shut em up
  9. It was Colin Hendry he flicked it over.

    Edit - and the penalty was before the England goal.
  10. End of the day, he has made stacks more cash then anyone on this board could ever do. However he has pissed it all away. Life in a black and white stripey one Gazza. By the way Vinnie Jones said he also had a small cock.
  11. Aye, it's a shame that a talented individual wasn't given a bloody good kick *********** when it might have done him some good, instead of the old "Ho Ho Ho, look what Gazzas been up to now" shoite.
  12. What a waste of talent. As for his fair weather friends, well........
  13. Aye, there's more to being a footballer than eating kebabs with ginger people and wearing a pair of comedy breasts!
  14. I was pissed by then !! feckin jocks used to celebrate if they beat us at tiddlywinks and they never forgot to remind us of the centuries only jock grand slam - "underdogs rampant" or some shite like that. Still I'd go to war with the jocks on my side anyday, fight like fcuk even amongst themselves.
    As one of the lads wives once said " You love Rangers more than me" - to which he replied "I love fecking Celtic more than I love you" see romance isn't dead north of the border.
  15. Doesnt the FA have some sort of welfare program for ex footballers who fall on hard times etc.
    They're very quick to sing their praises when it suits them.

    I remember a fews years ago that there was a former Stoke player in the local mental hospital who had had a breakdown.
    My crew mate remembers him playing,the staff had no idea what he had been or done.
    Very sad ending for someone who gave pleasure to millions,hope Gazza gets it together.
  16. Remind me how many ex/serving Servicemen are Sectioned each year?

    The bonny lad was paid (well) to play a game! Funny old world isn't it.

  17. See your point,too many.
    Wouldnt want it to happen tp anybody regardless of background.

    Mental health side of the NHS is sadly one of the most neglected and probably under funded part of it.

    Too many cases and not enough resources to cope.
  18. Well Gazza's been released now, and that's the second time that's happened to the bloke. Is he doing it as a cry for help, or do they have to keep releasing him after a few days?
  19. His name isn't spelt like that, it's spelt - N O B B E R

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