Gaza and the rest of the world

We have another sitation where once again nations batter themselves to death women and children murdered and mutilated nothing of note from Cameron, Clegg and Milliband Jewish bastards murdering women and children Hamas just as much to blame. What a fcuked up world when the majority of casualties are
women and children - wev'e learnt **** all in the last 100 years.
Men - the're cnuts but not real men
Inclined to agree Stan, though think we should avoid terms such as 'Jewish bastards'. The behaviour of the rogue state of Israel is totally unacceptable, as is the support that state is getting from the powerful nations such as the US and, of course, ourselves. It probably comes as no surprise to anyone who knows me (even cyber me) that my sympathies lie with the Palestinians who are having genocide waged against them - it's not a balanced conflict, and now that we have the benefit of social media it is difficult for BBC et al to carry on the lies.

However, it has been noticed today that the Daily Mail (yes, I know, but bear with me) is opposing the Israeli actions. The DM has a long standing pro Palestinian stance, but it is possible (and it is my opinion for what it's worth) that this stance is more based on a hatred of the Jewish people (their anti-semitism pre WWII is well documented) rather than discomfort with the state of Israel.

Edit: Just realised I didn't actually make my point. I think we must be very wary of anti-semitism. Zionism is dangerous, but the faith of millions of people is not.

As always the problem is not the people, it's the state and the rulers who are behind the horrors.
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Then there is the argument that if HAMAS stop lobbing rockets into Israel, then Israel will stop lobbing rockets back. Oh wait, thats how it all started init?
Hamas are a minority group and they are lobbing fireworks. Israel is the fifth largest military state in the world chucking battlefield missiles around. Have you seen the casualty statistics?

If I had my home stolen from me and been condensed into a tiny area with no freedom of movement (or even escape) and basic facilities denied me in what is effectively an open prison I think I may be tempted to oppose the military that are oppressing me.


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Except the prison isn't so open with the miles of concrete walls, barbed wire and checkpoints.
I find it ironic that Israel's response to three teenagers who were sadly murdered is to kill over 1000 innocent people.
While Im appalled by the images of suffering coming from Gaza things aren't just as black and white as they first appear.Firstly I would agree with Guzzler the expression 'Jewish bastards' is unfortunate,and would suggest it be replaced by 'Zionist' there are a lot of Jewish people protesting against the carnage in Gaza. The rockets coming from Gaza are a lot bigger than 'fireworks' and the iron dome missile defence system is the only reason that there is not a massive casualty count from Israel.The Palestinian people are victims of their leadership here. They sit in the Doha Ritz or wherever, willing to fight to the last drop of someone else's blood. The Bloodshed in Gaza should stop,and a start to that would be a cessation of the rocket fire. The Oslo accord should then be revisited,and pressure put on Israel by the US and EU to stop the settlement building and work out a deal fair to all. Personally speaking I worked in the middle east in the late 70,s early 80s and found the Palestinians to be a murderous,misogynistic crowd of bullying paedophile thugs. But perhaps they'v changed over time...


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......... The rockets coming from Gaza are a lot bigger than 'fireworks' and the iron dome missile defence system is the only reason that there is not a massive casualty count from Israel........
Stop falling for the Israeli propaganda.

The terrorists have fired tens of thousands of rockets into Israel over the last seven years and they managed to kill 3 people. There are many reasons for this, mainly due to the fact that the vast majority are short ranged ones which land in the desolate border areas. In addition the warheads are quite small.

"Iron Dome" is only ever used against the really long-ranged rockets which MIGHT go near a densely populated area, it SUPPOSEDLY has a success rate of less than 50%, and even then the remains of both the terrorist rocket and Iron Dome missile rain down below the explosion.

Now this is NOT to minimise the effect of all these thousands of missiles in worrying the Israeli population, but one has to understand that the impression given by the Israeli spokesmen is somewhat misleading. (They have been trying to imply that the 3 Israeli civilians killed during this recent conflict [not the kidnap victim] were killed by a rocket, but initial reports were that the were killed at a border post by a mortar.)

The claims regarding the dangers of the terrorist rockets are vastly over-inflated and the efficiency of the Iron Dome system are only slightly better than the patriot system (although against much smaller, and hence more difficult, missiles).



Remember that the UK Government "theoretically" believes in the concept of "just war", which includes the aspects of proportionality and NO collective punishment.

Remember that farce of an Israeli propaganda attempt trying to claim that no other country would put up with terrorist attacks without firing back at the country sheltering the terrorists ? That fell rather flat in the UK.



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Surrounded by Islamist nations, whos avowed intent is your annihilation, Israel has little choice but to pre-empt threats against them. 'You have stick...I have a bigger one'. My comments do not condone the killing of innocent civilians, that I abhor. When politics and religion are involved reason flies out the window. We, the western nations, brought this about by interfering in the region at the end of WW2. Where is Blair by the way ?


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A hot topic this one.

Now I agree a nation should be able to defend itself but in this case, I think Israel has gone too far. The Media reports have been mostly one sided and God help a reporter in America who tries to go against Israel in their reports. We're much the same over here. Here is the death toll in Gaza. As stated on the midnight news, BBC 4 last night;

"Palestinians - 1,000 killed. Israel - 48 soldiers and two civilians".

Says it all.
Apologise for the Jewish rant but stand by my other comments, such a sad world really, day after day women and children murdered, I'm angry and hurt that we as a country have done absolutely nothing, the yanks are shit scared to do anything because most of the money funding the political powerhouses come from "Zionist" sources and of course most of the weaponry used by them comes from the other side of the pond.
Except the prison isn't so open with the miles of concrete walls, barbed wire and checkpoints.
I find it ironic that Israel's response to three teenagers who were sadly murdered is to kill over 1000 innocent people.
If that incident was an influence at all in the genesis of the present conflict it was a minor one.
It was Hamas' response to the 'tit for tat' killing of an Arab boy that set this in train, i.e. the step up in the firing of rockets at Israel.
As for Guzzler's characterisation of those rockets as fireworks, I wouldn't want one with its payload intact landing anywhere near me. It's Iron Dome that renders these missiles ineffectual but since each of that system's missiles costs about $95,000 continued use over a period of time will have a significant negative impact on the Israeli economy which, of course, is part of Hamas' calculations.
The bottom line here is that on one side you have a nation whose government will do just about anything to protect its people, an objective they pursue aggressively and without compunction. On the other you have a 'would be' nation dominated by a terrorist gang, whose stated main objective is to annihilate Israel and exterminate its people, who are not interested in protecting the people they claim to represent and who cynically and deliberately put ordinary men, women and children in the way of inescapable harm in order to provoke international outrage against Israel.

BTW, I do believe that Likud should be declared a terrorist organisation and that Netanyahu and his henchmen should be brought to justice for war crimes and crimes against humanity.
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Was doing a bit for these people St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital Group | Saving Sight, Changing Lives who are caring for eye problems all over the area. One of the problems,among many, is some of the drugs have to be kept chilled and not frozen. So they used to be transported in Eskies (picnic chill boxes) when they went through check points they were inspected, understandably, but allowed to warm up over several hours and released several hours later by which time the drugs were ineffectual.

They now have mobile units but can beheld up until the generator runs out of fuel, depending on how reasonable the border guards are feeling that day.

"Mobile Outreach too can be held up at military checkpoints or even turned back and not allowed to enter a particular village – where 50-60 patients can be waiting patiently for its arrival. But the team’s determination to get through usually means that it finds a way around the many obstacles it faces to the patients who are waiting."



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Religion is a terrible human failing. It is devisive and agressive . The human species is a violent territorial animal . Add this to self righteous cult mentality, religion , and you have a dangerous mix. Put in the mixing bowl poverty and you can never have peace in this world of ours.

Terrible waste of inocent human life but I can see no solution . You have the Jews surrounded by people who hate them, so they have a big stick and will use it on inocents. You have the Palstinians who are ruled by a bunch of murdering terrorists fanatics who couldnt give a fck about their people. Both feel threatened and both are cornered by religion and hatred.

The only way this will stop is when the human species grows up and normal people say "Enough , no more" take to the streets and refuse to participate in this genocide on mass. That means both sides .
Israel is the fifth largest military state in the world
Really? Probably top in the region, but wouldn't say top 10 world wide.
I stand corrected. I've done some research (this time) and it would appear the statistics I quoted are inaccurate, I've tried several definitions and can see nothing to back up my original statement. Damned lefties. I'll have a word with them!
Is this something new? Everytime it flares-up we hear the same platitudes, and if the CIA stopped giving Hamas the means and the weapons to fire missiles/rockets into Israel, and the US government stopped arming Israel, relative calm would prevail. But that's never going to happen.......a divided Middle-East is essential not only to US foreign policy but also to the US ecomomy. The simplest solution is to arm both sides to the teeth and let them fight it out on a 'last man standing' principle.........

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