Gays in the navy and equal rights for straights

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Sep 23, 2006.

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  1. Gays in the Navy
    Now that the government has allowed homosexuals to serve in the armed forces isn't it about time some of the rules were changed.
    I find it grossly unfair that a gay sailor is allowed to shower with straight men the gay sailor must surely find this fairly erotic.
    This being the case surely straight sailors should be allowed to use the female showers.

    Yet another case of the single straight man being discriminated against
  2. No offense mate, but i can safely say you have showered with many gay men in your years of service, but just haven't known they are gay. The government has not suddenly "allowed" gays in the armed forces, the difference now is that they are no longer imprisioned for it (as it was in pre 1990's) or kicked out when found out. Now, also i would like point out that there are many topics regarding gays in the armed forces already on RumRation and on Arrse, so content yourself to read over them and not to try and start another attack or "debate" on gay servicemen and woman. Maybe because i'm from a different generation and have worked with homosexuals before, some guys i may add i would never have guessed were gay, and where as sound as any straight mate i had, i just don't see a problem with it. As long as the lines are drown that someone is straight and someone is gay, there never is any problem with it. Only harmless banter on both sides. And when i finally get my start date i hope to god that there is no bullying going on simply because of someones sexuality. for i for one will not stand for that kind of crap or allow it to go on in my presence. Everyone in the forces has signed up to serve this country to the best of there ability, gays and straights, and should equally be allowed to do it, without fear of bullying and intimidation.

    I do apologise for my rant to you mate, as you are a retired serviceman and for that you have my respect, but for this particular view, its best you are retired i'm sure.
  3. I completely agree with the above, well said Slim. If M`lords of the Admiralty want to maintain retention numbers, this is the way forward, in fact in the light of the latest News about Hard Pornography being shown nowadays on Her Majesties Ships, How can anyone seriously complain about a shag in the showers?, makes sense to me.
  4. can i just point you to this topic?

    Seems that "shagging" one another is not an uncommon thing in the navy, so why should it be such a shock if two gay guys or lesbians do it? Stinks of hypocracy if you ask me

    And also hardcore porn in the Navy. I'm no expert but surely thats not a new thing either?
  5. I don't know if you are straight, gay or a don't know. Of course I have showered with many gay men and didn't give a toss (what have I just said) Gays or brown hatters asthey were known in my day did exist and to a point as long as they kept it to themselves not many people cared.
    However please remember the Forum that you are in Diamond Lils anything goes and if a gay sailor can't take a little harmless banter then maybe he should consider leaving the armed forces and take a job with the BBC on daytime television.
  6. In the '80s , homosexuals had the decency to keep things to themselves.
    One of my oppos "came out" to my wife first, as he was scared of telling me, but my wife just said, "tell him, you might be surprised."
    So he was a poofter? He was still my mate. I just said I wasn't interested in hearing about the details.

    As to getting a start date, RNMA, and not putting up with sexual bullying, I suggest you wind your neck in at first and suss the situation out before you go gobbing off.
  7. Perhaps RNMA is of the new generation that can read, but do not understand what they have read, hence the short fuse, and how he is going to change things when he gets in. This Is Diamond Lil`s for fcuks sake.
  8. Well its a whole different world now.As long as some gay chap didnt want to dance the chocolate cha cha with me i'd be moer than happy to work alongside him or her if it comes to that.there is a moot point though with regard to the "showering".Maybe straight people could shower with the opposite sex?I mean its supposed to be a Sexually Undiscriminating world isnt it?I wouldnt mind sharing a shower with Rosy!!!!!!
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  9. well that shows why i said what i said. Just don't understand what you mean by having the "decency" to keep it to themselves??? What the fact they are gay, or having sex in front of your face? the latter i would bet would never happen. personally i have never had straight or gay people decided to shag in front of me. Or perhaps just keeping everything associated with there sexuality to themselves? maybe then as this is the way forward that ALL sexualities be kept to themselves, so anything hetrosexual should be keep behind closed doors too. no more str8 sex talk or str8 porn etc. i don't know about you, but i would find that incredibly hard to live with.
  10. However, as you rightly pointed out, this is diamond Lil's after all, and as i am clearly not allowed to give my point of view in here as it would dare to do against the masses i shall leave you to it. The reason i started my rant was purely because i am sick to death of people constantly having a go and gays for anything possible all the time. using words like "unnatural", "disgusting" etc i don't agree with that. And i'm not saying anyone has used them in this topic, but have in other topics on this site which i was trying to prevent from happening again. As i previously stated, i have worked with many gay people (working in call centres will do that), and they where sound blokes, and girls, and from the things ive heard, they've had put up with a lot of shit from homophobic (yes i know that literally means your afraid of them, and i know you'll all argue you not afraid, but its also used to discribe hatred towards gays purely based on there sexuality) people and i just don't think its right.
  11. I think you will find that straight sex and images thereof will abound onboard.You may well have to live with it i am afraid.One of Jack's favourite pastimes is to try and blackcat each other when suitably refreshed with tales of past and present conquests.
  12. I know andy. What i was trying to say is that i would find it hard to live WITHOUT straight sex converstations and images. I was trying to point out how hard it is for gay people to hid everything about there sexuality and keep it to themselves. I was also trying to say that it would be very hard if all straight people in the navy had to hid there sexualities just like gays do (most of the time, lol)
  13. got you shippers,its a very emotive subject and as such will get some heated discussion about it.If find its best to keep ones own council.
  14. Hi RNMA,

    Thanks for your comments :) and I think I ought to point out that despite the fact that my sort :lol: could be dispatched to the glasshouse (which I was warned about when I joined the ROC) if indiscreet and got caught, I have discovered from these guys that on messdecks people were usually a lot more tolerant and protective that you might think - in the bad old days! 8) The key element, as with any organisation, is to fit in. As a gay man you simply have try harder and make yourself indispensible to the team so you'd be missed. You could argue that this should not be necessary - well maybe - but it can also make you a better, nicer person than you might have been but for fancying blokes.

    I was too scared to 'come out' in the ROC when I finally realised the so-called "gay adolescent phase" wasn't going to go away and when the avertion therapy had failed. When I joined the RNXS when it was still a crime to be gay in the forces, there was no problem about it from the ex-matelots, though some of the civvy recruits have profound problems with it. I kept my mouth shut - simple, though a bit frustrating. When we were disbanded I was invited to transfer into the RNR (NCS was my speciality: Comms & Ops Room duties) and at that point could no longer carry on the pretense, So I declined - though I made an excuse about being in a reserved occupation - not a problem actually, my employer has always been positive about staff being in the reserve forces. :) I am sorry I missed a spell of basic training at Raleigh as I'd have enjoyed it :p (barring kit musters :() but that's life.

    Anyway as both Slim and Higgy have pointed out, this is Diamond Lil's and here almost anything goes, as Sailbad the Sinner is a mature, experienced, non-interventionist moderator. Not sure what he's experienced in though :roll: :D I think you'll find that us gays here can stand up for ourselves - after all, being religion's scapegoat is part of everyday life for us anyway.

    I used to love having verbal wrestling matches :D with Lingy on his topic! Please contribute in the debate however RNMA. It great fun, albeit tiring at times! :twisted:


    PS: Andy: despite being a shirtlifter, I'd quite fancy Rosie instructing me in MIXED water polo! I'd obviously want my coach IN the water showing me how to manouvre and doing all she could to get the ball off me - perhaps I would dispense with the ear protectors and tight fitting trunks!!! :p :lol: Now there's an idea - a Rumration Water polo team - MIXED to challenge the Pongos...?
  15. Ermmmm why the ear protectors?Or is this an undiscovered new version of Fetish Clothing? LOL
  16. A rum Ration Mixed Water Polo Match, excuse the pun, but bugger arrse, weve got enough of our own have we not, Ros and I could be reserves and wait in the showers till called, yup, I`m all for it.
  17. Get over it! Before women ever entered the armed forces, men were farking men, way back in Nelson’s day also! Homosexuality has been allowed in the RN for a good few years now, saying that, even when I joined in 99 I had to sign a form to say I wasn’t gay.

    I find it is the people who do not know much, not comfortable with their sexuality or those who are afraid of it are the ones to kick up a fuss. I know plenty of bi/les/gay folks in the armed forces and the ones I know of in the RN are not looked twice at for their choices. They are treated the same as every one else and even respected for being honest about their choices. A lad onboard my 1st ship was a cracking bloke, great friend and all round top fella (no pun either). Yes a few of us knew he is gay and yes we told him no one would blink an eye lid to it, he came out and every one patted him on the back for it! Just because some one likes the same sex, doesn’t give you passage to think they’ll ‘do you over’ at any given opportunity. Would you do a ratts bird, face like a bashed up grid, body like a 50 stone umper lumper, minge hairy like an over grown forest and equally as saggy as an OAP’s treasure chest?? Nope, unless your on your 15th pint of that night………………………that’s most probably what the gay guy in the shower thinks of you.

    Who cares, if you don’t like it then obviously your not in the job you’re supposed to be in. People always b*tch and moan, pusser’s ship wouldn’t be the same without it. Lets face it, your oppo’s may not like the lass your shacked up with, doesn’t mean they will have a hissy fit about it.

    Get over this fact of life and move on, ain’t the biggest issue in the world is it?
  18. Ooooooooooooooo,Jenny, Talk DURTY!LOL
  19. Odd isn`t it, the first post of this thread is a light hearted play on words and now it turns into a slanging match, I keep saying it but no one takes any bit of notice, Read, and understand what you have read, its not rocket science.
  20. i still want Jenny to talk Durty!!!!!

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