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  1. Why does the RN have a reputation for being gay? I've just told a friend of a friend in the pub I'm joining the RN and her reply was " oh is that the gay one or is that the marines? well good luck solider" that statement alone deserves pity but it had me wondering..
  2. Oh god.
  3. These days...I'm not sure.... :roll:

    Pre '74' most certainly not... 8)
  5. I was biting my tongue when she said that!
  6. Quote Stefan Gainger

    well good luck solider

    I know what a Brown Hatter/ Knobber/Arse Bandit/Of a different persuasion/ Gobbler and a rear entry soldier is, but I don`t know what a Solider is, Thingy will be along in a moment to explain things to you.

    By the way, you have a Female friend that`s a Lesbian?
  7. I would think that traditionally it was due to long periods spent at sea without seeing a woman.

    Now I think that it's mainly down to people joining with incredibly gay names.
  8. Stephanie is a fab name darling
  9. Higs a SOLIDER is either a typo or a person thicker than most as in SOLID so he is SOLIDER than his oppo :oops:
  10. What Guzzler said.
  11. Was more likely to be a typo!
  12. Only men can join the submarines/sundodgers!
    Bored of no women and months on end without having somewhere to stick it so possibly relief of that by sticking somewhere.... the possibilities endless!
  13. You're a bird?!

    In that case crack on and show us your tits when you join.
  14. And these people that post on here in the newbie section are actually joining the RN? My son has left after 24 years having signed on for a further ten, something smells in to-days Navy, four years and I`m gone eh? It`s not even time to do a comission, but, what the fukc do I know?
  15. Did you not detect the sarcasm there! sorry to disappoint but I'm all man.
  16. Then you should fit in well or they should fit well in you. :)
  17. Most, nay, in fact all knobbers that I have ever met, said that they were men, so your point is?
  18. :wink:
  19. Pre '79 if you were referring to the Village People (no i didn't know that I had to use wikipedia)!

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