Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by percey99, Aug 23, 2006.

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  1. As a young sea cadet 1960s I went on board a warship and a man with a dirty pair of overalls on and a black beard kept pinching my cheek and calling me his BIT OF SKIN ??? he wanted to show me the engine room he said he was known on board as a 3 badge stoker >>>my scc officer took us all ashore and when I told him this story he said dont worry they are all friendly in the navy . The ship was HMS BAROSSA they called it the QUEEN B . I think this stoker may have been gay ? ANY IDEAS ?
  2. Did he wear shiny black boots by any chance? :lol: Why? Don't ask! :lol:

    Pay a visit to our discussions on Golden Rivets, Percey. Stokers seem more prone...

  3. Stokers are just very friendly people!
  4. Hear hear!
  5. The Cheif Stoker on was happy whilst very drunk in a bar in Gib, to show me his tattooed penis...two eyes on the helmet.."look it smiles and can spit too"..he said ....happy days!
  6. That is not friendly, that is a tad weird!
  7. He did get services no longer required after showing a juniop MEM (M) the manual life jacket inflation procedure.....the JMEM wasn't wearing a life jacket....and was in his bunk....and it was 2 AM.
  8. This all sounds like the NORM to me
  9. He's not called Norm...i think it's Shirley now!!
  10. I do hope the PO Stoker is not reading this it will give him ideas!

    (Not with Juniors but with his wife before the thread is deluged with smart arse comments!)

  11. A PO stoker who can do the whole foreplay thing....why are you worried....shouldn't you be delighted?
  12. Well I would be if the foreplay was reciprocal, from the saga above it sounds a bit one way!
  13. I take your point!
  14. Oh dear RC, and here was me thinking you were a worldly person. :(

    Talking of tats, the best I ever say was on a guy who had a devil with a shovel of coal on one cheek of his bum, merrily about to load his duck run, and on the other cheek an angel with a fire extinguisher. :lol:

    I recall a cartoon on Ajax with the caption "grease the cat's arse - I'm feeling randy!" 8O
  15. Cor, you mix with nice people and why were you looking at his bum?
  16. An academic appreciation of art? (not a typo :lol: )
  17. Smart arse comments from us? Surely not! What do you take us for Rosina? 8O My understanding is that it takes twice the effort to inflate a Wren manually as both female toggles need equal amounts of air blowing into them. Is this correct? :?

    We expect a full technical report from the PO Stoker complete with the amount of pressure needed (in kPa), sustained (the Mean please) and air used to achieve this task (in M cubed), and if more air per Kg of body mass is needed to inflate a Jen than a Jack! We expect to read it in the Christmas edition of New Scientist later this year. :roll:
  18. The difficulty inflating the female version, is that in typical naval fashion, the key toggle is well hidden and difficult for most maintainers to find...sadly this leads to many "faked" inflations.

    There are diagrams in various BR's Razzle June 2003 page 28 is a good start!
  19. Further more grabbing the nearest Henry (Hoover) for inflation and leaving them inflated on pit to check for leaks whilst making a wet does nothing for long term serviceability!
  20. Considered impolite not to look at somebody when soaping them down!

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