Gay Pride March

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Joint_Force_Harrier, Jul 2, 2008.

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  1. Recently a PO at a certain establishment applied for subs etc to attend a Queen's Garden Party and was duly, correctly, turned down. He took it quite stoically, but days later saw this on Daily Orders and was none too chipper about it.

    Not homophobic, but I'm willing to learn :thumbdown:
  2. Bang a travel claim in on JPA. They are not allowed to ask your sexual preferences.

    "Not that I am advocating Fraud"

    But hey, one rule for one!!!!!!!!!
  3. You can't just bang in a JPA claim, as you would will need the budget holders authority.
  4. I thought that, but you could just nibble his earlobes or something.

    Or her earlobes of course.
  5. Ok, in all honesty who should we blame for this? The gay guys and gals getting their travel paid for free to attend Pride or the powers that be that have authorised it.
    Personally I wouldn't expect my company to fund my travel to attend an event that is not work related, therefore I don't see why the MOD sees fit to provide the money for this (if the story is true).
    I may be gay, I may want to attend Pride, but I wouldn't expect the Andrew to pay for my travel expenses, not unless they are willing to pay the travel expenses for all the personnel who want to attend Glastonbury, rugby at Twickenham, or any other major event where people gather.
  6. This was the same as last year.
  7. Fair comment t42s, and yes, 'the powers that be'.
  8. As far as I am concerned, the same rules should apply to all. Not just "minority" groups.
  9. hackle

    hackle Badgeman Moderator

    Yeah but you would have to march in the parade! It is being treated as a duty.
  10. When I heard about this I started this :-

    It should not be duty travel but taken from their GYA. :ncool:
  11. I don't see why anyone need to go mincing down a street waving to 'normal' people - yoo hoo, look and me, I'm a woofter.

    Why do they have to advertise the fact, no one gives a shit(sic).
  12. A load of crap has been published in the papers over the past two days about this. One had a picture of what I think is a CPO (PT). Now whilst I have nothing against gays in the Navy I would however question the principles of this individual. I can only assume that he must have joined up long ago, and such, being a homo at the time would have meant discharge snlr. Therefore, this person snuck under the blanket of the naval discipline act, and defrauded the forces for X amount of years. Now that it has all become “legalâ€, he can laugh in the face of the navy.
    What’s next! Can people who have taken drugs appeal against their discharge when cannabis becomes legal?
  13. When I was in the ROC (1979-1990) I attended 3 Royal Garden Parties, in uniform of course, and the cost was borne by the MOD. They even provided me with a rail warrant, free transport from the station and pocket money (I was still a teenager, just) for the spell I volunteered for at Porton Down. :w00t: Such nice people, the MOD. They seem to altered their policy, or maybe there were different rules for members of the auxiliary forces? I also got my travel paid for when I participated in the Remembrance event in the Royal Albert Hall (when in the RNXS).

    Not heterophobic, but I'm willing to learn :threaten:

    PS: Chirp-Single, if I become a lesbian would you cuddle me? ;) :lol:
  14. PS: Chirp-Single, if I become a lesbian would you cuddle me?

    If you became a lesbian then god only knows.... but i can’t make sense of anything that you have posted. Do you have a point?
  15. That's reassuring. Do I need a point? :confused:
  16. Well yes, if you expect an answer to what you post. Otherwise, it’s just drossssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. It has since been judged that a great many of these discharges were in fact illegal; therefore I do not think that the RN is likely to pursue anyone who as you say 'snuck under the blanket', unless of course they want to face yet more legal action and the subsequent publicity and costs.
  18. I honestly tend to agree and hope that the individuals concerned are not being used as pawns in someone elses political game.
    Neither do I agree with separate war memorials/holocaust memorials etc; all these things should be inclusive and understood plainly to be that.
    There can be little doubt that these days senior members of the armed forces/police and other services are heavily politicised and bound to be influenced by that.
  19. These discharges were only found to be illegal after the law was changed.
    I fail to see why the law has paid out huge amounts to those who were discharged in accordance with the law as it stood at that time.

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