"Gay fairytales" anger religious groups

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by slim, Mar 13, 2007.

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  1. Ooooooooh, Religion and Gays.

    Stand by for long discourses by Always A Civvy, and a nine page rant by everyone else.

  2. Have you heard the Fairy tale about a caretaker in an all girl school?

    Should make it into the book as there are two gay penises :oops: or was that pianists? :razz:
  3. Heard an interview this morning on R4 about this. It is being introduced under the pretext of getting rid of bullying in schools by trying to make it such that so-called same sex "families" are normal.
    What utter b0ll0cks. Nothing normal about un-natural acts and that includes playing happy families to some poor kids detriment.
  4. 'Children as young as four'?

    That spokesman is right, it is tantamount to child abuse. I don't want my child learning about such things at such an early age. I would prefer them to concentrate on mother nature's design if anything at all. They are too impressionable to be turned in this manner. :evil: :evil: :evil:
  5. I think like any thing else it is a matter of approach. By the time they get to schooll many kids these days have a non standard parent set. My step grandson has two dads and a mum, his mum has remarried and they all get on fine (now). On this basis moving on to the two dads living together is perhaps not to big a step. Equally though it perhaps is not something that one need worry about to much unless the school or what ever actually faces this situation. After all it is not that common.
  6. But WHY does Homosexuality need PROMOTING?, Eventually then it will be a crime to be Straight.
  7. Why is there a need to "promote homosexuality as a lifestyle"? I agree that perhaps society should be more tolerant towards homosexuals and accept them perhaps for their differences, but to accept it as normal is a step too far. To teach this to children as young as four will only confuse the majority who will have a mother-father family. In fact to teach this to children of any age is actually quite unacceptable, and possible child abuse.

    I would describe it as brainwashing the future children into actively practicing homosexuality, effectively a gay rights movement trying to turn the whole world gay. Why cannot these people understand that heterosexuality is the correct, proper and natual orientation? To make a deliberate choice to be gay, is one thing, and fair enough. But to force or confuse a young impressionable mind into it is outright wrong!

    What next? Necrophilia? Beastiality? Let the rant begin... :twisted:

  8. Cant say fairer than wot you said Lamri!That lesbian promoter was talking utter bollocks! :grin:
  9. For you hysterical 'My child will catch Gayds from reading a book about it':

    Homosexuality is a genetically driven, pre-natal environment determined behaviour that is no more or less wrong the tendency for someone to have blonde hair, green eyes or large feet.

    The sooner everyone unhooks their sense of moral outrage from the battery marked 'Irrational' the better.

    I don't agree with state commanded curricula for four-year old children, but on the other hand, I wouldn't care if my child was exposed to something at school that I would be responsibly teaching them was acceptable in their home life according to how I see the world and, later, the world view they determine on their own.

    I'm not some neo-liberal anarchist because I don't have the energy. On the same front, I don't care about what gender anyone falls in love with. There are better reasons to disapprove of people. Dislike someone for being a c*nt, not because they like their ring-piece stretched by a hairy-handed biker.
  10. Year after year the government crows about raising standards at school and gloats that reults are better then they have ever been. At the same time as it is proven that the bar has been lowered on exam passess. the primary school education is the foundation of all schooling in this country, they should be spending more time getting the basic across to them at this age, then maybe standars will be raised in fact and not fiction.

    Sex and Sexuallity is something that should come at an age where it can be better understood, preferably in secondry school at age 11+
  11. Ah my friend Stephen Green! For more on his views read here.
  12. Probably the same retards that were let loose on Britain’s youth after getting their 6 grand training fee a few years back and came up with the brilliant Idea that the kids should be left to wander aimlessly round a classroom till they found something that interested them….trouble was they eventually ended up at work with the notion that they only needed to do what they enjoyed.
    These people should be made responsible for their actions … all a four year old wants to think about is playtime and having fun… and it is a form of abuse to subject them to a visit from a fcukin “gay awareness action teamâ€

  13. I agree totally! (Matt 7:12)
  14. Naughty naughty Steve, Its no good changing a word then allowing readers to think that is the way the subject was handled by the poster.
    Your views of Christianity are based on your experiences of Christian intolerance of your sexuality. Perhaps Christians should know better and be more forgiving in their attitudes, I'm pretty sure that Christ would not have been so damning as the churches are in his name.
    However even in these enlightened times I believe that you would agree that Christianity to the majority is more acceptable than homosexuality.
  15. Read the first sentence on that link and I completely agree (with the first sentence that is :) )

    As for your second post, you naughty man!
    AFAIK we STILL live in a Christian country, not a Gay one! ;)

  16. Absofcukinlutely.
  17. Not quite sure I'd agree with that. Given that civil ceremonies are now on the books with nothing but a murmur from even the most ardent of traditionalist institutions, I'd suggest that whilst this might be the perceptions of you and some of your peer group, it certainly isn't that of the majority.

    If anything, the default state of being is indifference, which is the way it should be.

    Don't get me wrong when I say this. I'm still not advocating explaining to four year old children how bum-sex works or why Derek and Des from number 22 enjoy leather so much, but I don't think there's anything wrong with teaching kids from an early age that people are different and you just have to put up with it and if you could do so in a way that doesn't lead to pointless hate, all the better.

    Now, someone was going to shove a biro down their knob, weren't they? :-D
  18. psml :lol:
  19. I am getting really pissed off with homo's complaining about this and that, wanting rights for for being a pouf :evil: It is only politicians who are pushing for their rights.
    Gay is a waste of a good word in the English language. Most poufs I know of are bloody miserable :twisted:

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