Gay Class Fast Attack Craft

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Nutty, Mar 21, 2009.

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  1. I met Jimmy Green for lunch yesterday during the conversations over a few beers and fruit based drinks for the ladies the subject of RN ships with the word Gay in the name came up. So here we are, choose your favorite HMS Gay ******** and give its appeal.

    Gay Bruiser for the Sado & Masochist Crew
    Gay Carabineer for ex Plod and them that like dark swarthy Cops.

    Gay Class Fast Attack Craft

    FPB1041 HMS Gay Archer 1953 Sold 1963
    FPB1042 HMS Gay Bombardier 1953 Sold 1963
    FPB1043 HMS Gay Bowman 1953 Sold 1963
    FPB1044 HMS Gay Bruiser 1953 Sold 1962
    FPB1045 HMS Gay Carabineer 1953 Sold 1963
    FPB1046 HMS Gay Cavalier 1953 Sold 1963
    FPB1047 HMS Gay Centurion 1953 Sold 1962
    FPB1048 HMS Gay Charger 1953 Sold 1967
    FPB1049 HMS Gay Charioteer 1953 Sold 1972
    FPB1050 HMS Gay Dragoon 1953 Sold 1962
    FPB1051 HMS Gay Fencer 1953 Sold 1968
    FPB1052 HMS Gay Forester 1953 Sold 1962

  2. Gay Fencer please - I need some work doing on the terrace and want a proper job done. Someone who sweeps up after them etc..
  3. Shouldn't that be Gay Polish Fencer?
  4. Are these names real, or are you taking the piss Nutty? :?
  5. Indeed he is not taking the piss -
    You could find a gay bruiser here:

    Seriously though there was indeed such a class of ships - small ships, proper ones, not 'orrid great big grey things.
  6. Jack

    Just Google Gay Class Fast Attack Craft or MTB's but I will start your with a link.

    Gay Class


    Sussex you beat me to it Oh no not Gay Bruiser again.

  7. Can I ride on one of the Gay Stokers? :biggrin:

    PS: Lord Lawson wants his old ship back.
  8. Sadly during the 70's the PC brigade stopped the building of the replacments for the Gays.

    Hence the order was cancelled for twenty 'Faggot' class frigates, ten 'Nancy' class destroyers and two new RFA's...'Rim Stretcher' and 'Ring Borer'
  9. FPB1052 HMS Gay Forester 1953 Sold 1962

    So thats me order for the 2.5xt cancelled :roll:
  10. Then there were the Portsmouth Harbour ferries that transported thousands of RN personnel in the innocent days before their names prompted sniggers (link):

  11. I have had a look. They were simpler times, when such names would not raise a snigger like they do now. :)
  12. Gay Bombardier, Gay Charger, and Gay Fencer. Because they provided my first seagoing experiences as a young OD. In those days we didn't seem to have the fixation with homosexuality that the current generation displays.

    HMS Hornet 1953-54.
  13. Shouldn't that be HMCN Gay Lumberjack :lol:
  14. RFA Gay Rover !!!! :lol: :twisted:
  15. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Last time I was dragged down to the Gunwharf (a while back) there was a Gay boat berthed there (in civilian hands of course).

    I think the Gays were the last gasp for HMS Hornet, the base on the Gosport side which is now a marina.
  16. Now home to Hornet Sailing Club (read fascinating history here) and the Joint Services Adventurous Sail Training Centre (JSASTC). The club house is the old wardroom and there is a monument listing all the Coastal Forces bases. HMS Hornet was the last to survive until decommissioned in 1956.

    HMS Aggressive – Newhaven
    HMS Beehive – Felixstowe
    HMS Mosquito – Variously Alexandria, Haifa, Beirut, Benghazi and Port Said
    HMS Hornet – Gosport
    HMS Cicila – Dartmouth
    HMS Attack – Portland
    HMS Bee - Weymouth
    HMS St Christopher – Fort William
    HMS Black Bat - Devonport
    HMS Fervent – Ramsgate
    HMS Gregale - Malta
    HMS Mantis - Lowestoft
    HMS Midge – Great Yarmouth
    HMS Wasp - Dover
    HMS Fox – Lerwick

    Coastal Forces monument at Hornet Sailing Club[/align]
  17. The Hornet was mounted up on a plinth just outside of Dolphin, at least until the late 60's -- is she still there ?

  18. I'd hate to have to wear any of those cap tallies!!
  19. What's your ship mate?

    I'm on the Midge!


    Just think, back in WW2 there was an illustrious vessel that rejoyced in the name: HMS Pansy! :twisted:

    It would have made a good name for a training ship......

    Matelot A: I'm am ex-Ganges boy. 'Ow about you oppo?

    Matelot B: Er, I'm an ex-Pansy boy..... :roll: :oops:
  20. Well, she was renamed HEARTSEASE before launch.... although the WW1 sloop was not so lucky...

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