Gay Bishops


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I'm atheist/agnostic whatever the I don't know but my wife is religious and she and her church friends have had enough of this tripe from the C of E.
What with trying to open C of E schools to all faiths[try and get a Christian kid into a Madrassa!] to the inane witterings of the Arch of Canterbury who looks like a Sally Army drop out and now this stupid decision about Gay Bishops/Priests who can live together if they don't have sex.
Her local vicar has resigned and gone to live in a commune somewhere because of it and she and friends are turning to RC mode to see if the Pope can have more of a common sense movement.
All my family left strict intructions when dying that there had to be no Priests at their funeral,I'll be following them the same way.
I won't criticise anyone for Religion but it's not for me.

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