Gay beasts

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Flagdeck, Feb 8, 2013.

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  1. What a power of shite
  2. Shock horror, David hasn't shown the troops dominant male baboon bumming another male baboon, FFS!

  3. Or getting BJ?

  4. If you were a baboon would you?

    baboons teeth.jpg
  5. Only us human beings have the intelligence to be bum bandits and beanflickers and if that's intelligent then so be it

    Crock of shite
  6. Winner of the Ignoble award several years back was the on habits of ducks to engage in homosexual necrophilia activities. aka drakes shagging dead drakes.

    I really kid you not.
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  7. That's quackers
  8. fuck a duck ........whatever next !
  9. Trunk a monkey perhaps?

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  10. Right, I'm now off to trawl the net for Lesbian Monkey porn...I may be some time :wave:
  11. I want to know why 270 people found this thread so alluring....
  12. Well - I tried it and I'm not really a fan of barking both ways.......

  13. There does seem to be a lot of threads on rum ration concerning the subject of homosexuality! But to contribute to the thread i once saw to 2 male staffs bumming each other.
  14. In my day there would have been no interest, as back then there was no interest in homosexuality within the fleet,.
  15. You're full of shit.
  16. Yer but one of the staffs wasn't
  17. I was house sitting for a work colleague whilst he was away ion holiday. Came home from work one day to find the female cat on her back, legs open being muffed out of their Staffy dog. A bit of a thread wobble as the Staffy was male so there was nothing perverted about this at all ...
  18. A little bit of music to get yer pussy in the mood.[​IMG]
  19. Finks, rummy, homosexuality and no sign of our diversity champion, I'll check the obits

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