Gay? At HMS Sultan?

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by terrys_chocolate_testicle, Feb 10, 2009.

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    I am a raving hom and am currently on course at Sultan. As Gosport is a town populated by troglodytes and Martha's is cack, I'm wondering whether there are any other queers onboard? Drop me a line or PM me if you're interested in chatting. :)

    Oh, and by the way, homophobic abuse is most welcome as it will help keep this thread in view of all those potential shags. Cheers breeders! :)
  2. When did RR become a dating agency? Hell I missed that, I thought I was paying attention :wink:
  3. Troll?
  4. Nope - not a troll, I said this wasn't a wind-up. Although I am a militant arrse-bandit, how else do you suggest I meet like minded sailors? Go up and ask them in the galley? And as no one goes cottaging anymore this is as good a bet as any!
  5. Yes a Moomin is a Troll! I know they scare you..... :wink:

    I looked twice at the post....good luck to anyone who has the neck to post that on here! :D
  6. Couldn't hurt.
  7. [​IMG]

    Can you fckucking blame me?
  8. On the contrary, Timothy - it could hurt a great deal! I suppose I could stick to WAFUs and avoid stokers for a safer life but this is still probably safer, eh? :wink:
  9. Tim - they are sweet! :roll:
  10. Could be, or maybe there'll be people on here that are well up for stitching you up? :thumright:

    Show me a sweet moomin and I'll show you a clean Frenchman.
  11. What, Terry's Chocolate Testicles?
  12. True, but that would at least bring me into contact with people who actually have a sense of humour, as opposed to the mong-children who seem to make up most of the crew here right now...
  13. A sweet Moomin - erm ME! :D

    I am not sure what a Terry_Chocolate_Testicle is....but I never got past the Terry's Chocolate part. :?
  14. Fair point, mate.

    I'm still not 100% sure this isn't a wind up, though. :lol:

    Moomin. Try again.
  15. Hello Norman. I see Huffnut has morphed into a rapidly melting lump of chocolate.

    Time to jump of a pierhead with lead boots on.

  16. Not a wind-up shippers, meet me in the bushs behind Watt Hangar and I'll prove it! ;)
  17. Timothy, my dear child! It may well be a wind up, but its not a big worry in my life. :)
  18. LMAO
  19. I've posted much the same thing over on the forces LGBT site. And Thingy - I am fully aware of who you are and I am fully aware of who Norman is. All I can say is that although Norman (or whatever he calls himself this week) is indeed a stroker of the highest order, it is also true that I am younger and more handsome than you and also have a considerably larger penis. And while I am stroking real stokers, you will be stroking yourself. You beardy big girl's bra.

    Oh and by the way, although we all know that you fancy stokers and love HMS Ganges old-boys, it's probably still worth mentioning EVERY...FIVE...MINUTES.

    :) X
  20. Haha well not sure what i think of this thread yet... Though I have no doubt it will continue to get more interesting! :)

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