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Well it's obvious that most of the disabiliuties are caused by the OP being overweight, simple plan get off your chuff and do some bloody thing.
Start out slow and easy, reduce intake, change diet, walk a bit more. The myth that "I can't loose wright, I follow diets and exercise doesn't work for me....etc" is bollocks. Research has shown that dieters often miss logging snacks and so although they're certain they're eating less thy're still consuming too many calories.

Pinkbosworgeyfairy (FFS!), get a grip of your online temper. The truth hurts some people, but Matelots and Bootnecks arn't known for sugarcoating the bad news.
Don't like that? Then don't let the door hit your fat butt on the way out.


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I lost 6 stone through exercise and eating properly in 4 months.

Stop shoving crap down your gob and get running. No need for surgery!

I know that you made a dramatic change to your weight and level of fitness, but hadn't realised you had lost so much so quickly!

6 stone in 4 months? Crikey.


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Give or take a pound or so yes I did.

However after injuring my self and not finding the motivation to lace the trainers I ended up putting 2 and 3/4 back on.

I've got new goals and motivation and back on the roads. I've lost 26lbs in 5 weeks so far. The laces are back tied up and clocking the miles up once more. I am also helping and training others as well.

I've changed the style of running to Pose aka barefoot. (Although I wear trainers) in hope to reduce the risk of injury. Calfs have taken a battering!

But I still will say discipline with what you eat and exercise is the best way. Surgery is any easy way out but doesn't always mean the weight will keep off.
truth dose hurt i do know that and i have dealt with the truth thats why i now help others , as for my temper get a grip guys i came on here to try to get answers for my son is it so wrong to wont to help him after all it was my fault as a child he put weight on i just should have said NOto him but i was just too dam weak SORRRY anyway i do have a butt but its not fat any more sorry to disapoint u there and i am working very hard to turn all this crap around , thanks guys for all ur help and feel free to take ur temper out on me when ever u wish as it will stop u getting mad at real people around u


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Our Temper?? It was you doing the shouting, not anyone else. You telling me I'm lucky cos I worked my ass off instead off getting surgery. Looking for the easy way out is not the attitude needed and if you are advising people to do so then it's bad advice. It's the wrong attitude to have especially having a son who wants to get in as it will be the wrong attitude for him to have.

You can moan about us as much as you like. We are not an official website, only the AFCOs can give you official answers. However welcome to the armed forces. Some of us don't do pink and fluffy!

Now you can either stick around and listen to non official advice whilst getting your boy to go to the AFCO and get official answers or don't. If you don't like what you read then take the second option.