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Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by Twotone, Jan 18, 2010.

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  1. Been out the Mob 16 years (Fckin Hell) and am sat behind a desk for a job and to be bluntly honest have become a lard arse. Coupled with that My back is gone, Knees and ankles are shot and have a hernia to boot.

    I am looking into having this Gatric Lap band fitted to help me loose about 4 stone and just wondered if anyone on here has any knowledge, Experience of either themselves or friends that may have had it done
  2. sgtpepperband

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  3. You could have an op, with all its various risks, or you could follow the simple equation "Take in less, put out more = lose weight; take in more, put out less = put on weight".

    Bariatric surgery is all the rage, but it's not cheap and not without risks.

    Goes without saying that your other problems will likely fade into insignificance if you lose the weight.
  4. Thanks for that Angrydoc

    Sgtpepper band or whatever the fcuk you are, get a life you sad cnut
  5. What are your height/weight statistics? I'm guessing if you want to lose 4 stone you are pretty overweight. In which case, regular walking, jogging, running combined with 5/6 smaller meals a day (PM me for examples) and some gym work should see results in a couple of months. Requires no surgery and you will have the satisfaction of having achieved your goals as well as a positive lifestyle change which will make you feel better in general.

    I know that doesn't answer your question but I always imagine gastric bands to be a last resort, and not for someone who wants to lose 4 stone.
  6. TT

    Before you consider the Gastric Band, have you thought of combining membership of a gym (under proper instruction from a trainer with all the right qualifications) and WeightWatchers? No. I'm not taking the mickey.

    Lots of men go to WeightWatchers nowadays and some of their class leaders are blokes, too. You can draw up your own menu and even incorporate the odd wet into your plan, if you wish.

    They have a special offer on now, as well.

    I honestly think that it would be cheaper to try this route than the Gastric Band thing. If this doesn't work, you have Plan B to fall back on.

    PS A lot of attractive women go to WeightWatchers; you may find all sorts of things to distract your attention if the leader's presentation that evening isn't to your taste .........
  7. TT, try googling Fern Britton as she had it done. You could end up with quality moobs though :wink:
  8. Where do is sign...
  9. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Seems like you lost your SOH when you left the Mob. Never mind... :roll:

    Welcome to RR, anyway. :thumbleft:
  10. More of the walk, Less of the fork!

    Simple, bat fastard!
  11. Thanks for that everyone

    Im 5 feet 10 weigh 17 stone and Have a BMI of 36 (Clinically Obese)

    I have tried the diet and the gym methods, and i have had results. The problem is I have other conditions to go with being a fat twat (With No sense of Humour regarding this subject) which always result in me getting bigger

    I have a Hiatus Hernia, Which has caused a secondary condition known as Barratts Osophogus (Reflux Acid damaging the throat lining, I have Sleep Apnea (On a breathing machine at night)I have a damaged back, Shin Splints, and Achilless Tendonitus (Brickwoods, American Football and years of ladders, bad beds and metal decks, Usual stuff)

    Basically Im fucked in the gym department and before anyone says anything about swimming ive swum the equivilant of the atlantic ocean and not lost a pound. Im just weird I think.

    What has got me worried though is it could lead to Diabetes and a golf buddy of mine has just had both his legs amputated because of that.

    So If i have it done (Costs £6250) I will be able to control the weight loss to lose about 4 stone and as the band is permanent will be able to keep the weight off. This reduction in weight also significantly helps me in all the other conditions ive got

    What I was asking for is info on someone who has had it done other than the referrals that each of these clinics give you.

    Apologies SGTPEPPERBAND (Who are you) but i genuinily am worried about this crap
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  13. Thanks Dicky!

    Now I need to get half a Corned Beef sarnie off my keyboard and screen.
  14. TT

    I have to be honest, I'm not sure that a good surgeon would operate (I'm not medically qualified btw). My understanding is that, to qualify for this operation, you have to have reached a certain level of obesity and I don't think that you are sufficiently overweight. I do hope that a decent surgeon would send you away with perhaps a referral.

    WeightWatchers and the NHS have a scheme running now which allows your GP to give you free entry to WeightWatchers classes - a book of vouchers. Why not ask about this?

    I have to be honest, even if I were 4 stone overweight, if I had 6k washing around in my pocket, I wouldn't spend it on this operation. I'd spend it on, I don't know, a great holiday, a second hand car and some Jimmy Choos, but I wouldn't give someone six thousand pounds to fit a rubber band to my stomach. Hell, no.
  15. I'm with Sol on this, well apart from the Jimmy Choos, I don't think they come in a size 10.

    Get yourself down the gym and sort your diet out.
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    Dicky - ease to 5. Any more of that and your posts will be deleted.

  17. Hey, I too am with Sol and 2DD. But I do know a couple of people who have had this fitted, and they are more than pleased with the results. One woman I know lost over 8 stone with this. I asked her how she got that big in the beginning, and she told me she simply just couldn't stop eating! I wasn't one to argue with that! After losing all that weight she was then faced with the problem of excess skin. Her stomach used to hang down to her knees, so she then had a tummy tuck. To follow her stomach was her boobs, so she then had a boob reduction. In all honesty she looks fantastic. On the other hand, her long term partner ditched her for a bigger woman!?! :dontknow:

    The other person I know is male, and he's lost about 4 stone with more to lose. He can't eat anything, but he's happy enough.

    On the other hand, my best friend is around 4 stone over weight. She's been on weight watchers and lost just over a stone in a couple of months. Her boyfriend has been on slimming world, and has lost something like 2 stone, and still losing. The pair of them look brilliant.

    But good luck to you in what every you decide to do. Nothing worse than feeling like sh1t!!
  18. I see your play on words in your username mate, but it should be 'twotonne'.

    Poor spelling ruins it.
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  19. Are you putting away large amounts of scran!?
  20. Angrydoc: Sorry doc, and even more sorry to Two-Tone, I suppose there is a nicer way to tell somebody to stop whining, certainly so in Boats..apologies all round.....

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