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Gash Tats Club


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S'nuffink - you should see the one she got to celebrate that special moment when her newborn baby held her thumb for the first time... :oops:



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She should have one tattooed on her forehead that says "MOOSE". Knowing her luck, it would say "ESOOM". Fucking thick yanks.



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I met a chap who was Ex- RMR (according to him) not so long ago, nice bloke as it goes. A few of us ended up getting shiters in a pub and when he took off his jacket and rolled up his sleeves, his arms were covered in SS rhunes, swastikas and the like. Most odd.


Mate on Fife had ''I love Kay'' tat on his chest, she dumped him so the letters ay were blotted out and replaced with P Nuts.
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