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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by 2_deck_dash, Feb 10, 2010.

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  1. Recently I have totally redecorated my home including fitting a new kitchen and bathroom etc. In doing so I was forced to have a general clear out and get rid of a load of tat. While clearing the kitchen cupboards I came across a few old tins and some weird food which has somehow made it into my scran collection.

    After spending a few days trying to get through various soups and canned vegetables I was left with just one item, a Golden Wonder, Nation's Noodle.

    For those of you who are unaware, this appears to be some kind of pot noodle derivative or copy. I have no idea how it came to be in my cupboard but I decided to have it for lunch today anyway.

    On following the preparation instructions (add hot water, simple enough) I suddenly became aware of the most rank smell filling the room, it was coming from the pot as it's dehydrated contents absorbed the boiling water.

    On closer inspection, the inside of the pot looked like a tramp had been sick into it. I decided to eat it anyway as I couldn't be bothered to walk around the corner to a fast food restaurant.

    The first mouthful was bland and tasteless with a slightly gritty texture from the powder which hadn't re-hydrated properly. As I began to become aware of the full flavour, I realised that this was possibly one of the most rank specimens I had ever had the misfortune to taste.

    What other gash scran have you been privy too?
  2. Do you remember Walker's Mint Sauce flavour crisps? FFing RANK :-(
  3. Liver. Yuck yuck yuck, can't stand the stuff.
  4. Fuckin hell 2DD I do realise that decorating can be expensive, but if you are reduced to soup and pot noodle, well I could send you a red cross parcel and a few "little comforts". 8O
    Please do not go in my dustbin though as I missed the collection last week and I will never get it all back in.
    When I get my check I will slip you a couple of quid. :roll: :wink: :D :D
  5. I can't say I've had the pleasure.

    We had a competition onboard were you had to get the gashest big eats for the QM and BM.

    The best ones came from the Philippines. I thought I was onto a winner with a bag of deep fried grass hoppers but then my oppo completely stole the show with hard boiled eggs complete with fully developed chicken foetus inside.

    Mmmmm crunchy.
  6. Concur.

    Liver, kidneys and other associated offal is not welcome on my plate.

  7. These are div's curried and served with mushy peas.
    Mmmmmmmm, fuckin yummy :) :lol:
  8. I have been known to yofful offal on occasions. I found quite a few pieces worth savoring in the States, and Canada. :roll: :wink: :D

    I did not on any of above occasions remove their livers.
  9. Nasty.

    I do love a nice hairy kebab every now and then though.

    The more meat hanging out the better. There is nothing better than burying your face in a big messy kebab and licking out the meaty juices.
  10. 2DD Cant agree more, one mouthful, i spat it all out and put the rest in the bin 8O
  11. A real man would not only have finished it but would have eaten more to impress. :D :wink:
  12. RR, Go buy a few. See how many you can eat ;)
  13. Gotta say I finished mine, but only because I was hungry and too lazy to go to the shops.

    I'm trying to disguise the flavour now with hob nobs and tea.
  14. I should have a good crop of herbs to send you some great flavoured tea's when I've been on the "Other " channel a while :D :D :wink:

    And I wanna be Minister for Agriculture and Fishy Fannies in your cupboard.
    Edited to say I meant cabinet.
  15. Bagsy your sh1t on the raft then
  16. Raw Sea Urchin. If you were to take all the nastiest items out of the ocean, and distil it into a pure form of evil, it would look, smell and taste of these gopping piles of spikey shite:
  17. Good stuff!

    Also what's the crack with these? I remember purchasing one at Collingwood Naafi once and heating it up in a microwave as per the insructions.

    Never again.

    The internal body cleansing that I received was the most intense thing I have experienced this side of New Delhi.

  18. Love liver and kidneys etc. but in France I once had "Undulettes" ? a type of sausage full of ? intestines or blood vessels, anyway it looked like macaroni cheese but was chewy, peppery and rank. Had another bite to see if it was really as bad as I first though, it was :pukeright: :pukeright: :pukeright:
  19. Yeah I know the stuff it's rank.

    Another place I tend to avoid like the Plague:

    I had possibly the worst meal of my life in this dump. So bad in fact that I refused to pay.
  20. Teratoma Trifle


    aka black pudding. urgh.

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