Gash pipes!!!


Lantern Swinger
Anyone got any gash pipe memories? The usual, redass on the gangway, give him/her a bell when you are bored & duty...

1. PO. tato report to the spud locker!
2. RS Cosworth MCO at the rush.
3. AB use - Regulating Office.
4. Ted Rogers Dockyard worker "321"

Just a few to get started. These always make me chuckle (small minded infant!)


LAM Chop- Flight deck
RO Tate - Gyro Room
LEM Sip - Sick Bay
POME Granite - Fresh Food Locker
SA(V) Yaw - Chaplains Office
SA(S) Trouper - Small Arms Magazine
REM Brandt - Paint Locker
CEL Tick - PTI's Locker


Lantern Swinger
OM lette - Report to the galley
Writer Mailey - UPO

Had a pipe the other day from the QM's position, The Jenny said PLEASE! at the end! My good god. Absolutely outstanding - not!


Lantern Swinger
Sorry! I am a new joiner on this. Thought it would raise a smile - even though its been round the Bouy once already. :roll:
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