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Thanks again onions. Any further info regarding times and dates would be most welcome. I have two grandchildren living in London and can cadge a billet almost anytime. Thankfully neither is averse to a few evenings of exciting drinking with grandad!



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dunkers said:
2badge_mango said:
once you have marched to 'Heart of Oak' played by a Royal Marine band there is NOTHING to compare with it
Couldn't agree more. :cool:

Got to agree, would just loved to have done it in my time. If you lads and lassies get the chance please keep us all informed. You will make all us old salts (alive & those with old Davy Jones) so proud!!!


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I had the dubious honour of being selected for the CENTO guard way back in the seventies. Can't remember where we trained, may have been at Excellent. Boring as hell practising standing still until we could stand rock steady for 90 minutes.
Then off to The Smoke for three days, billeted in some naff 1 star 'hotel' in Paddington. Come the big day all stood like statues at Lancaster Gate while we were inspected by a selection of important wogs in funny clothes. The only relief to the tedium being a pair of feral pigeons having it off on the pavement opposite.
Our reward for all this crap pomp and ceremony, besides an incredible backache?
48 hours leave before returning to our respective ships/shorebases. A fair few of us spent it in tradional Naval fashion when in the Capital; pissing it up and whoring!


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Yep, the introduction of the Armed Forces Act (2006) did indeed destroy centuries of Naval tradition ....allegedly.

I don't know where the Armed Forces Act actually states that Naval Ratings are required to swear an archaic, completely pointless and meaningless oath of allegiance as a condition of entry and am more inclined to believe it was introduced at HMS Raleigh by a bored SO1 wishing to make a name for themself and possibly earn an OBN.

So far as I'm aware, for as long as we've had a Navy, no pre-oath British matelot, such as myself, has made an attempt to assasinate our monarch. I imagine another SO1 will in future decide we have to stand for the Loyal Toast because of the Armed Forces Act.

Interestingly none of us who joined pre-oath have been required to retrospectively swear an oath (until some knob decides otherwise, of course).


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I'm in the same boat as @Ninja_Stoker and lots of others, no oath-taking when I signed on the line. I've had to do quite a bit in civvy street though, a lot of it in Norman French (the language, that is).

I twice had to swear allegiance when I worked in the Caribbean, once on appointment, and once following an election as I was an ex-officio MP and Government Minister!
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The matelots who do the Trafalgar Day gig in London look like a mixed male/female batch and pretty good too, from what I can remember.


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I think in the early 80s the HMS Pembroke IS platoon was told that in 7 days time we were to be the honour guard for (i think) the funeral/Thanksgiving of Duke of Beaufort - we did some practice - off to London for the service at Westminster Cathedral (refresh stop at pub on the way)in a poxy RN minibus

Got shown to a room in Parliament buildings 'to change' - change we says we are already in our number ones !!
In comes 12 Guards and 12 stiffs from the RAF regiment - absolutely gorgeous - then they change into their number ones - they are shining, we look like a sack of s**t

All muster outside Guards first off, the RAF then us - so that as we line up at the Cathedral we as Senior Service are first in line when people enter

We had no practice with them - Guards WO1 is Guard Commander - in army speak very loud - by the left Quick Scream - well they all go at a different speed to us - so half way up the road they are about 100 yards ahead of us and the WO1 is having a coronary as he thinks we are taking the piss

They have to take shorter steps so we could catch up

anyway to cut it short they complained to the Pembroke CO and we all got 2 days stoppage for doing what we had been told ...............................................laughed our heads off tho That WO1 was having apoplexy every 5 minutes - good job the y didn't give us guns as well

Good pissup in the smoke afterwards though (we had to bribe the civvy MT driver)


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"As we march out of Wellington Barracks for the first time I'm fairly sure everyone will grow a good eight to 10 inches," said Lt Cdr Elliott.
Must admit drill never did that for me, ex missus will vouch for that ;)
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