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did a gig at buck house last summer, nicked aload of the red pebbles/stones to put into me plant pots to give them that "oh so posh" look (got some left if anyone wants them) The guardsmen in the sentry box's are about 50 metres from the baying croud, looked like a bag of shite as well, jack will not be hard pushed to achieve there standards. :mrgreen:
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Load of crap anyway, why not just have some nightclub bouncers stood outside? They love all that, give em an ear peice and some dark wayfarers and they will look like extras from the matrix.


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Sailors Standing Still? Back in 1955 HM visited Winchester as a part of the colour presentation to the Green Jackets. We simple sailors lined the High Street, opposite the Buttercross, from 0800 to 1600 (with only ONE 15 minute comfort break). We were rehearsed by LCDR Black Jack Harris every evening for weeks before hand starting with half and hour standing still and then onwards and upwards.

Come the day we coped very well without one drop out. Meanwhile Crabs and Ponpoes were dropping like flies. As Senior Service we were first off in the march past to great applause fom the crowd.

Can't have been too bad as I am still alive and kicking !
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Barrack Guard in Devonport used to mount a Royal Guard whenever the Queen was in the West country. I was in the last Royal Guard to wear black caps and the first Royal Guard to anklets instead of long gaiters. It was the same guard in Bath in 1956.


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Rememberance Day Parade, Gibraltar, 1999: Royal Gibraltar Regiment had been training and practicing for the parade for two weeks prior to the event; the RAF personnel had been practicing since the week before. Jack (all ranks) turned up at the airfield about 30 minutes before and stood around waiting for someone to take charge. Then a CPOMA from RNH muttered: "Right then fellas; put yer fags out and get fell in!". We assembled into organised chaos, marched round the corner, did what was required, then fell out and went back to DTC for a piss up! The Army/RAF didn't know whether to laugh or cry with the RN's lack of planning and organisation... but we pulled it off!

:shock: :wink:
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I couldn't see Jack sittin on a horse (four legged version) :twisted:
In fact the second most dangerous thing in the world is Jack with a rifle, the first is a Jenny with a rifle :grin: . I used to cringe when I drove past Centurion in Gosport :wink:
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Standard_Bearer said:
I couldn't see Jack sittin on a horse (four legged version) :twisted:
In fact the second most dangerous thing in the world is Jack with a rifle, the first is a Jenny with a rifle :grin: . I used to cringe when I drove past Centurion in Gosport :wink:
ooohhhh harsh!!!
I heard this buzz about Buck house recently. I also heard that there are some Naval Lt's being trained to actually lead patrols out in the sandy places. --now that's scary!!
Just a few obserevations about London Duties.

I think that this is the first time that "Jack" has had this honour. They will be trained by the RN Ceremonial Training Staff. You know, the same cadre that train RN personnel for things like Royal weddings and funerals, State occassions like Churchill's and Mountbattens funerals, handing over of Hong Kong. Lord Mayors show, Royal British Legion Festival of Remeberance at the Royal Albert Hall. Cenotaph parade.

Danny. Can you tell me when the Army stand "Perfectly" still on ceremonial duties and for how long? I think you will find that they do something like 30 minutes on sentry go, and most of that time is spent stood at ease at the sentry post. If you watch the sevice of rememberance at the Cenotaph, the service contingents are there long before you see them on the box, and they do not leave until the last of the marching contingents have paid their respects.

Wet Blobby. I think that this is the first time that "Jack" has had the honour of carrying out "London Duties". So I think it is SPECIAL.

Lingyai. Succinct as usual! But why is it, in your considered opinion, a load of crap?

Standard Bearer. At least Jack & Jenny have not been involved in any "Friendly" fire incidents!

RR always carries an under lying thread of "Support our Servicemen and Women". So why the negative comments?
Well, for what it's worth I think it's a cracking idea, and I would be more than happy to be drafted to take part.

Regardless of the reasons behind it, we should be asking why we don't regularly take our turn along with the pongos, booties and rocks, and not just because they've run out of everyone else

When I went to Raleigh to watch divisions last year, there was a three badge killick lady sailor (AWW) with a pace stick looking after the guard.
In these enlightened days, can we expect to see a mixed RN contingent mounting the Palace guard? If so, will this be the first time that females have carried out this duty?
I still have a video of the late Queen Mother's funeral, and the large RN marching contingent was totally mixed and looked very smart.
Incidentally, of the Royal Family following the gun carriage, The Princess Royal and her Father kept in step all the time. Not so Charles and Andrew.
I've already provisionally booked my accommodation in London for May, wouldn't miss it for the world!

I hope that it will be an "all Naval" event. Having served 14 years in the TA after my RN 22, and 3 years in the ATC as a lad, I've marched behind a variety of military bands to a vast selection of catchy tunes, and can happily state, I hope without fear of contradiction, that once you have marched to 'Heart of Oak' played by a Royal Marine band there is NOTHING to compare with it, and the Guards bands, for whom I have a great deal of admiration, haven't quite got that combination of brass and drums that earmarks the sound produced by the Booties.

2BM. I will make some enquiries about the make up of the contingent and let you know, but it might take a couple of days.

Keep Striving.
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