Gash BBC journalism - FFS.

The BBC has got very amateur over the last few years.
They have bad spelling on their news 24 ticker and it stays like it so no one obviously reads it once they have hit the enter key plus the many time the grammar is wrong.
Continuity is crap and the whole thing is worse than some of the cheap sky channels.
Seriously considering Al Jazeera as my alternative to the Beeb - at least they have a bit more than the 10 items that the BBC rotate - it gets so bloody boring seeing the same bit of footage and the same audio not just hour after hour, but often for 2 days until something else big happens!

FFS I can find plenty of things to say in a day without having to trot out the same stuff every hour on the hour so why can't the Beeb with their thousand of staff and millions of pounds of license fee revenue?
Agree with the continual rotation, another thing that really annoys me is how they cut someone off saying "we have to leave it there" - why do they have to leave it there, they have all day, it's not as if it's a 30 minute news programme.
dunkers said:
Sad to say but Al Jazeera in English is far superior - and has more balanced reporting.
That's 'cos all the good colonials left Aunty to found Al Jaz (Uncle Al?). Now we're left with Mere Bose. Still, he makes good hi-fi units.
NotmeChief said:
The BBC has got very amateur over the last few years.
As a news observer of many many years!!! Have the BBC or any world media operator ever got the whole facts correct.

From a Wu's point of view, how many times have they, (the BBC), national and local, described the rescue helicoper from RNAS Culdrose as;-

RAF Culdrose!!! and then gone on to show a yellow peril, or vica versa.

And the phrase THE HMS Blah Blah, whats with the, 'THE' prefix!!!!!

I could go on but it's Sunday morning and it's too bloody cold!
THE BBC has done well with the budget it's had and has had no choice but to dumb down. The day will come when it'll have to privatise and then everyone will complain.
"It's done very well"???

What like paying ****** woss £8million for doing sod all except make obscene phonecalls to people.

Spending £12million on taxis for people.

I'll stop there as this forum isn't big enough to list all the cockups


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I've never had personally to do with any news item reported anywhere in the media without the detail being misreported. Journos are generalists with no knowledge of the particular and it takes effort to catch and groom a tame one so that stuff one is interested in gets reported properly.

The only time I've actually been interviewed was on return from a foreign in 1968. I glibly rhapsodised about what a wizard time I'd had in South Africa and how hospitable everybody was to us (absolutely a true bill) and what an ace place it was - sun, beaches, peaches a shilling a tray, wine (screwtop but a perfectly good white) 1/3 a bottle - and, guess what, my interview wasn't used. Biased? The BBC? How dare you suggest it!
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