Gash back on the menu boys.

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by Rumrat, Oct 24, 2012.

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  1. Today I've had a time of it,
    Got told my posts were loads of shit,
    The gash barge is there,.. get back in it,
    And stop your bastard crayoning.

    A thread was started to put us straight,
    Then in jumped Wrecks (a former mate),
    Followed by cunt to expostulate,
    The fuckin fault was all mine.

    Now I am the Forum scrote,
    The sacrificial fuckin goat,
    God what was so bad I wrote
    That makes the Gurus hate me.

    Bob's awoken from his coma,
    Now shines brighter than a nova,
    Think I should turn a new leaf over,
    Become a political bugger.

    No more writing silly remark,
    Discuss religion for a lark,
    Obedient dog, know when to bark,
    That's a thought to sleep on.

    Had a thought,.. it got rejected,
    Subjugation? not.. affected,
    Obedience? I'm not infected ,
    with that sort of horror.

    Be good be bold but also "told"
    and though I'm ex and rather old,
    If crayoning will get me scold,
    I'll try and be much better.

    So now its back to trawl the barge,
    find an opening then enlarge,
    Don't be too rude or old "Sarge"
    will fuckin come and get ya.

    Diamond lils a hunting ground,
    lots of victims can be found,
    you can sling shit there by the fuckin pound,
    Safety there for rummers.

    No more bollockings from bob,
    No more spiel from Montys gob,
    Well cunt can fuck off he's a knob,
    Serenity for Rumrat.
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  2. Is this your application to become a DL and GB MOD?:laughing7::laughing7:
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  3. I still likes yer Rummer's, I always support the underdog :)
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  4. Right wreckers today you have come out as a deviant, no surprise
    Told rummers he is a girly, has a small member and is a lower than life under dog?
    Good day then:)

    Forgot to add you know far to much about trains, spotter
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2012
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  5. My Dad was a train set fanatic and bought me an N gauge for Chrimbo once, used it once and it never came out of the box again. Boring as fuck watching a toy train go round in circles, preferred sitting in garden slotting birdies with my air rifle.
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  6. Don’t tease him he has had a hard day, he will hurt his neck looking.
    He has told us he prefers his game like this tied back for:love4:

    Attached Files:

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  7. Froggy would a trawling go,
    to see if Rummers loved him so,
    Would have hated to hear "no",
    so held out the hand of friendship.

    Wrecker used to be a mate,
    Kind of served me on a plate,
    condemned to a crayoners fate,
    Abandoned, and dejected.

    Never would have thought of that,
    Fuckin wreckers,..a white rat,
    Firmly on me head he shat,
    What a fuckin trauma.

    Frog would not do that to me,
    trauma...and then therapy,
    He's my bezzie friend you see,
    abandoned I by wrecker.

    Although the cunt joined in with him,
    This is not as big a sin,
    He'd probably been out necking gin,
    Bastard pissed up pongo.

    So all in all its quite a day,
    Thank fuck that Monty's gone away,
    Ear ache, please god not today,
    Or even friggin Mohammad.

    Mohammed's there that is a win,
    Discrimination is a sin,
    Don't need it with the shit I'm in
    Keep it all real fluffy.

    So me and froggy, who'd a thought it,
    Shows that even cunts can sort it,
    I was nice the bastard bought it,
    No not you dear froggy.

    Fuckin sharky's quite a bummer,
    Slags me, then he does a runner,
    Pity there's no forum gunner
    Twat would be quite still now

    Anyway the day is over,
    and we find we're all in clover,
    And cus we've all been naughty sods,
    Next week standby for mega MODS
    Last edited: Oct 24, 2012
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  8. I've just inhaled the entire contents of a helium filled party balloon - popped along next door (complete strangers) and asked if I could borrow a cup of sugar. Interesting reaction. Rented house - I get a real one on December 3rd 2012 B.N.M.
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  9. Me and Rummers.jpg

    Let's walk off into the sunset Rummers and ignore the nasty bastards on here!
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  10. I aint done a runner, after Bobs plea for a return to the good old days, and a damn good thrashing to transgressors, I’m checking my posts to see if I'm one of those who should know better, and he's right all my posts are a load of shite, so I’ll wait to see where the irrelevant, foul mouthed, bigoted, racist, ill-informed BNP members skulk off to and tag along for the crack.
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  11. That's a nice piccy, I'd tell your wife to give a bit more slack on the lead Froggers, Rummers could choke like that.

    And leave Cap'n Alice alone, I've even swept the cellar floor all ready for her!

    And I fell off me chair looking for that friggin' squirrel :(, did the penguin trick!
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  12. Jesus Christ on a bike, hell knoweth no fury like that of a wreckler with a bitchy on.
    You make fuckin sharky seem polite.
    First you grouse me up to the thread police and then humiliate me to my new bestest oppo.
    You cut me to the quick. My quick has never been more cut.
    Tomorrow its the clinic and after that I might even have to call in the Islam identity,...oh hang on they've just got lifted.
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  13. Twould seem the natives are getting uppity, we may have lost in Zulu Dawn but you got a damn good British thrashing in Zulu.
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  14. If you was in Zulu you would be the screaming tart who had the vicar as a wing man.
    I of course would be the virile black death descending in swarms.
    Bootwu would be the old fucker on the hill directing the traffic.
    Monty would be the vicar sticking up for the ethnics and cunt would be the irritating little fucker telling the army what to do, and making sarcy remarks. Either that or the choreographer for the dance back in the ville.
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  15. I think I'd be Private Hook. Trying to do the minimum possible, nicking the booze and ending up with the VC (or knowing my luck, the VD, Bar and scar).
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  16. Sharky would be the corporal who keeps dragging the ammo about, another blue card job.
    If froggy wanted he could be the fat cook who gets stabbed in the back, just like when he's on here, poor fucker.
    Sgt Pepper is the Swiss fucker who keeps grinning when he stabs any fucker and sumo would be the bloke who goes around shouting Good chap every time some one gets the chop.
    Its a very sad film though and very very disturbing.
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  17. Private Hook went on to attain the rank of captain after a transfer to the Navy but sadly lost a hand to a crocodile.
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  18. He shouldn't have played cards then.
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  19. Book I read said the military establishment wasnt best pleased with the handing out of the VCs, their view was you get a VC for going fwd and engaging the enemy not fighting for your life like a rat in a trap, their approx words not mine
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  20. Yeah Hitch became Peter Pan and the RSM doubled as the fairy.
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