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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by mancitymick, Aug 21, 2008.

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  1. Horrible subject I know but I heard this on Radio 5 the other day.
    "Since 1997 when CEOP was formed only 9 sicko's have been stopped and had there passports removed refraining from leaving the country however over 3000 football fans have"
  2. They were not football fans but hooligans and troublemakers.
    I do question why more kiddy fiddlers have not had the same action taken against them though.
    Finally why doesn't the government rescind Gary Glitters passport, this would mean the only place he could travel to would be the UK where he could be monitored.
  3. Ok should not of used fans but took this extract from the BBC

    Can someone be banned from travelling altogether?

    Police can apply to the courts to have a Foreign Travel Order (FTO) imposed on an offender.

    These can last for up to six months, although the person retains possession of their passport during that period. It can also apply to named countries or to all travel.

    The whole thing is a joke
  4. No this a joke

    Gary Glitters Ex Wife, said that she does not want him back in this country,

    He said, she should mind her own business and get her homework done.
  5. Why not more kiddie fiddlers jumped on?

    Just remember which Government used a D Notice to stop a Scottish newspaper naming a former Cabinet Minister that had been implicated in Operation Ore.
  6. Why not drop him off between Thailand and the UK,say somewhere in the mid Atlantic at 35000 ft.

  7. Quote ...And again, another thread that is worth discussion, turns into shite. ... end quote
  8. Remember that despite the media attention this subject attracts, the classic image of an organised and intelligent predatory peodephile is incredibly rare. Statistically, a child is most likely to be harmed by a person already known to them. This is no doubt reflected in the numbers of passports confiscated. Regrettably, the incidence of hoolaganism is more prevalent in society. I have yet to see a media campaign for the banning of association kiss-ball
  9. As a father of 4, and a frequent traveller to SE Asia i have read all the posts so far, and I agree entirely with RG's view.

    If he was to be dropped from a great height lets make sure that there is no one in the drop zone. While we are at it, lets round up all the other sick kiddy fiddlers and do like wise.
    One is bound to cry "What about his human rights!"
    What about the innocent kiddies........ :pukel:

    I was brought up to respect others, and to differentiate good from wrong.

    It may not be "PC" but if you commit a crime you should pay for it..This great country of ours is I hate to admit it, going round in ever decreasing circles without resolving anything.

    I have just re read this, I know its a bit convoluted, but it is something that really winds me up.

    Thats all for now, I may be back.......... :thumright:
  10. Having met more sex offenders and peodephiles than most during my 16 years in the Prison Service.......I am well versed to say that whechallenged on their crimes almost all show little sign of remorse and usually "blame" the children for "encouraging" them!!!!

    A leopard never changes its spots... no amount of time spent behind bars will make them "normal".
    Paul Gad (calling him Gary Glitter I will not do), should be brought back to this country; and his liberties restricted as much as the sex offenders register allows... Leaving him in some poor country is like leaving a kid with a mouthful of tooth decay in a sweetie shop!
  11. Personally, we shouldnt be confiscating his passport once he is back in this country!

    We should dump him in some god forsaken country, possibly in themiddle of the raiforest, THEN confiscate his passport, just so he can't get back into Britain ever!

    Then repeat for anyone convicted of any crime of this sort!
  12. Let me apologise. I didn`t know that humour was banned, why should i pay taxes to look after him here? All you fukcing do gooders piss me off, fukc him , let him roam the world till his £ 50,000, a year is gone, then he might do the decent thing.
  13. That'd be taking a very odd route between the two places :wink:
  14. Sorry but i have to dissagree withsome of the comments made by others so far in this forum, dropping the b*£St$ in the jungle is no good, they would then still prey on innocent children, that is how they work. They would then "blame the kids for running around naked enticing them" thats how these sick individuals work.
    I hate what they do, for my own reasons that i will not disclose, but to say that my life was damaged is an under statement
    What we need to remember is that not just men do these things, woman are and can be just as bad as them.
    Locking them up, castration etc, i really dont know what is the best, but i also read today that Glitter is still not on UK soil, I say OK, but i do worry about countries where children are more vulnerable, statistically, than here.
    Just my 2p worth
  15. Glitter will come back to the UK and once he does he will go straight on the sex offender's register. He will be hounded by the media and because he is instantly recognisable there will be very few places he can go without attracting attention to himself. Life will become quite difficult for him and I think it will be very hard for him to re-offend without it being noticed the moment he tries. The authorities will (or ought to) keep a very close eye on him.

    Of course, the moment he sticks his head above the parapet there may be any number of people willing to take a pop at him. I doubt many will have much sympathy if he does get a kicking or worse.
  16. I'm afraid that you'll find this is not a characteristic reserved solely by the Labour administration! At least their cabinet minister wasn't appointed by a PM who had been told beforehand of his procivilities.
  17. I know Gazzers done wrong . But as long as hes put on the sex offenders list/ and well monitered on his arrival back in the UK wouldnt that be okay? Hes an old man now .
  18. And who is going to pay for it? The tax payer?, pound to a pinch it won`t come out of his pocket.
  19. Scouse, 63 is not being an old man, I can asure you.
  20. I hope the mamby pamby do gooders dont demand 24 hr police protection for the sicko.....

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