Gareth Barry signs for Manchester City

Villa will miss him big time - big money replacement needed. Best thing to come out of this is it'll stop Benitez chasing him - Liverpool don't (and didn't) need him. Strange how he didn't want Champions League football though - be a while before he gets that at City.


strange move on behalf of Barry defintely, yes, Villa may have run out of steam toward the end of the season but them and us are the only teams to look to a sniffing the "sky four". Mid-table city, could be up for Europe next season though I fancy West Ham to be up 5th 6th challenging.
everone has their price though i suppose


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yep, villa are screwed if they dont find a suitable replacment, can see Man City finishing 5th to 8th place, but it depends who they bring in at summer


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lsadirty said:
Strange how he didn't want Champions League football though
Even stranger is the fact that he said he would only leave Villa to play Champions league football. Lying c***, he should be a politician.
Very dissapointing,

It looks like he has not moved on to better his chances of winning anything but to pocket the alleged £110,000 a week.

M City will need at least 5-6 more players to actually do anything.

He now has the likes of Shaun [email protected] Philips and when I feel like it Robinho to play alongside and of course flash in the pan M Richards

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