hello there I was just wondering if anyone had any funny stores about Garelochhead and strone camp because ive just recently been up there and its kick ass.Here are my funny stories and menial tasks given by a warrant officer.First there was this guy that caused us to get changed into full DPM.Then when we had came ack from the billets we got made change into no.1s then back into greens then into civvies then back into greens.So that night we decided to take our revenge and perform a late night pillow assault on his billet LOL.Also at strone camp we showed up the American special forces in F.I.S.H training.I also fell down the stairs.Then I witnessed a hippie being hit by an apple travelloin at 60mph.Also we had just polished the floor in our billet and then the asshole of a warrant officer decided to take us for a triple lap of the tank farm and then walked in our billet with his muddy boots and decided the floor needed done again.Any one got any stories about garelochhead and just menial tasks given?


I was at Neptune from 69 to 71 and remeber an exercise when the base was to be attacked by the RM to mtest our security. At about midnight I was in NBCD HQ when it was reported that a group of males had been arrested outside the perimeter fence.The Reg S.O.gave instructions for them to placed in cells with their clothing removed and they would be interrogated later that morning- when they had been laft to stew for a while.
Ma\ny red faces later when it transpired that they were TA reservists from the camp at Garelochhead and had gone into H'burg for a piss up and had been hitching a lift back to camp when the were arrested on the public highway --- Woops!!!!!!
No baclash fortunately. These days they would have sued for wrongful arrest

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