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Gardening and growing Melons

Are any members into gardening perhaps we should start a gardening section share tips and ideas??

Our Mavis swears by Miracle Gro for super melons having won the amateurs prize at Tatton flower show.



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Thanks Stirling... seasons greetins to ou and yours from DG! I expect to be 'tired and emotional' over Xmas, so I doubt I will be posting very much from tomorrow... 8O :wink:
HarryBosch said:
Backpacker, One for your diary: 'World Naked Gardening Day', Saturday 3 May 2008. Don't ask me how I know :dwarf:

Harry Mavis and sister Gertrude are founder members.

It was last year when the chairwoman insisted on measuring my ten inch cucumber when Mavis thought she was a common type!

One does not measure in metres/meters one measures in imperial.
Thank God the world has returned to normal on RR. I saw a thread about growing melons. Opened it up and got what was written on the tin, a pretty bird with big naked tits.

"All is well with the world of Pusser"

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