Whilst on the Vic in the 61/62 commission we had the mail plane Gannet lost.
It seems it came diving into the ocean from a great height.I was on the whaler looking for debris and another one was supposed to have found the crash helmet with the pilots head still inside[not confirmed as far as I remember] but my question is:
Was the Gannet a robust plane? it looked it from the outsiders eye,more so than the Skyraider we had.
I never knew what caused the crash but I thought it had two engines so it must have been something terminal.
just interested why if you can.
From a mechanical point of view, the Gannet was a very robust aircraft. It carried 2 black mamba contra rotating engines. This meant that the propellers rotated in opposite directions to reduce the torque effect.

I have no knowledge of that accident as I was a wee lad with only dreams of aircraft then. (But I betcha someone on here will remember it well.) :wink:
Tuesday 22 nd November of Tripoli Gannet 425 / 849 B flight, Ditched into the sea ,with the tragic loss of its pilot Sub/L/T R. Collins RIP. ps I can only remember 1 Gannet crash in my 12 years service. That was caused by the wing starting to fold on cat/launch.
It's tough, long ranged....

What say you aviation types to sticking some hardpoints onto it, and turning it into a long ranged COIN aircraft a la Skyraider or A10? ;)
Two things I remember from that crash,first while searching,I saw something in the water,the Middy told me to pick it up,then the Bosun realised it was a coiled up sea snake asleep and stopped me!They are bloody deadly.
Second where was a messmate got his lights punched out by some-one after complaining about the recovered mail sacks making his letter hard to read!
No thought about the poor pilot,he got badly whacked and he deserved it.
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