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Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by oberon, Jul 18, 2008.

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  1. Was doing a job down by Dumfries & Galloway Aviation Museum this morning and noticed that they had a Gannet aircraft on display. First time I've seen the place open, so popped in and asked if it was the old Gate Guard at HMS Gannet. It was, seems they shelled out £1700 for it. Will post pictures later.

    Dumfries Aviation Museum
  2. The best loved aircraft in the Royal Navy. It brought in the mail :thumright:
  3. COD on deck :thumright:
  4. Why was it sold? Has HMS Gannet been closed?
  5. Another COD same ship differnt era.

  6. There is a SAR unit based in one of the 2 hangers the other is used by the Sea Cadets.
    HMS GANNET closed down a few years ago, :-(
    With regard to the plane guard, I was working on the line the day she came up to Prestwick. I wrote to the Navy News complaining about the state of the a/c, how it was covered in bird shit & looking shabby. I spent time cleaning the bloody thing!

    HMS GANNET / 819 NAS - The FAA best kept secret!

    The accomadation, stores & workshops are still up & is starting to fall down a bit.

  7. Went there many times as a sea cadet, even had a flight in a SAR helicopter once, great fun :thumright:
    Always thought it must be the cushiest draft in the navy.
    By the way, you know the jumbo jet on one of the runways with "Fly Navy" written on that - what's that all about?

    I even remember that letter you wrote to the Navy News, I can't remember what I had for my tea tonight but I remember that. :bball:
  8. That's serious Dunkers! You've been working too hard! When a chap cannot remember what scran
    he's just devoured hungrily, it's time to down a good bottle of malt with suitable music
    playing in the background and a nice person sharing your bed. :thumright:
  9. I've got aload of Gannet phots of the old gate guard XL497, and LM at Daedalus,,, need an "http" to post or can PM them to any interested!

  10. "By the way, you know the jumbo jet on one of the runways with "Fly Navy" written on that - what's that all about?"

    A few years ago the Wardroom had a mess dinner on the jet, it was attended by Admiral McClean who was SOBS on 819 during my time.
  11. Planet (HMS) Gannet - The Navy's Own Butlin's

    Brilliant wee draft I had there. Really good banter with the WAFU's and a nice sleeply little hollow, nice wee pub at Monkton, good lunches and good beer.

    A handy stone throw away to a good night out in Prestwick and Ayr.
  12. The Wheatsheaf in monkton, Red lion in Prestwick, Rabbies in Ayr. Don't know if you were there when the Pavillion was the place to go.
    I had a wander round Ayr in march while at Hollybush & several of the pubs in the centre are closed, the Pavillion is now a kids indoor playground.

    The indian & chinese in the middle of prestwick are still there.
  13. The Golf Hotel on a Friday night was a great night out - its now a old folks home! Was in the Red Fred couple of weeks ago for lunch. Any one remember The Plough or Billy Bridges Bar both in Ayr?
  14. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think I've just realised that the place you are all talking about is RNAS Abbotsinch? Now Glasgow airport? I spent six weeks lodging there in 1959 while standing by Tiger which was building in John Brown's. Abbots was a strange place I thought with strange officers (absolutely NOT a career billet) including one (short service Schoolie) who used to go and hoot like an owl by the tower, whereupon his beloved met Wren would flick the lights on and off. Rumbled, there were quite a lot of owls at Abbots after that. In the few weeks I was there an AE got a nurse in the pudding club and one of the pussers was sacked (only bod I ever saw in a kilt there) as he got pusser's money a bit confused with his own. Most of the aircraft were sitting in serried rows waiting to die.
  15. No Seaweed, Gannet is/was at Prestwick Airport.
  16. RNAS Abbotsinch (now Glasgow Airport) was HMS Sanderling.

    Abbotsinch (HMS Sanderling), Abbotsinch, Scotland (1932-1963)

    Used by the FAA from 1939 and commissioned on lodger basis in 1940. Transferred from RAF No 17 Group and commissioned as HMS Sanderling 1943. Its main functions were RN Aircraft Maintenance Yard and Reserve Aircraft Storage.

    Paid off in 1963 and became a civil airport. currently BAA Glasgow International Airport.

    Linky thing

    My old Sea Daddy was Pilots Mate there in 1959.
  17. [​IMG] 819 Hanger 78-80ish[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] Main Admin block 2008
    [​IMG] Buffers Shack/Reg Office 2008

    Faces from Gannet (80s)


    who can spot the current visits Officer at Yeovilton?
  18. I believe that Prestwick was once home to the USAF. I've pictures somewhere to show this but don't have them to hand just now.

    Also it was the place and only place that Elvis Presley sat foot in the UK at all when he was in the USAF.

    His plane was on a stop over....Viva Gannet...

    Anyone with anymore triva on Plannet Gannet?
  19. Gannet was in fact part of the Yank base,The Yanks still had a presence at the airport in the 80s when Military Airlift Command had the job of transporting US Sundodgers back home, we also had C-141 transport thing that go bang but we weren't supposed to know that.
  20. Trivia on the Royal Navy Holiday Camp (frontline) - HMS BUTLINS

    7 of us went to the Isle of Man on fishery protection & each got a stone of kippers .

    a female IRA sympathiser was found wandering round the place pissed after the bop.

    The Irish Tricolour once flew above the 819 Hanger.

    The standard breakfast for 819 ratings on the Zuidercriuss / Poolster was hundreds & thousands! Dinner one fried egg or sauerkraut.

    A POAF (O) broke the world 100m sprint record then kung fu kicked a bombhead trying to clear a GPMG stoppage by shaking it at his chest.

    The only duty place where there was a phone was the bar :)

    In the 4 years I did Frontline on 819, I managed 10 weeks onboard a ship.

    Chockheads on tractors worked 1 day in 3. Reggie drew the line at me putting into live at home in Carlisle.

    A scottish brewery did a promotion with scratchcards, buy a pint get a card or 6 to win a free pint, all 10 different ones were posted by the bar for all to get the answers, so buy a pint get pissed for free. When offer end no one drank the stuff.

    The Ops Room table have the place to get it on :tp:

    I fell off a tractor during a SAR callout - pissed.

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