YES I have found non GANGES people more interested in the place than people like myself who was there 1965 .........THE Ghosts ... are still there the one in the swimming pool is boy Linsey I have cutting about this ... Also there is one in the Laundry also the post office had the tiles replaced where a boy fell from the MAST WHAT A PLACE ????
Hi Percey99,

Welcome onboard RR! Glad to see you join. Thanks for posting your memories of the hauntings at the G****S. Moderators Jenny_D and The_Matelot will probably tell you off however for not posting in the correct forum. It's a bit confusing, but as the word Ganges is so scary to so many non-ex-Ganges personnel on RR we have to use aliases to refer to it in other posts, such as: the G-Place, the G-Spot, G, G****s, the place at Shotley, the word River in Hindi, etc.

You ought to know that Jenny_D (who is a mere 24) is an HONTROG along with Dunkers (who is even younger) neither of whom, like myself, had the (mis)fortune to go to Britain's premier public school for ratings! :lol: There are also references to the G-Place in our long running naval tale, which is also the most visited thread on RR!

All the G****s postings are HERE. I will copy your posting across.


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