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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by sgtpepperband, Aug 19, 2008.

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  1. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  2. im am bored with his innuendos and quotes, maybe time to regenerate like the doctor, again or fuck off back to romft
  3. Thingy doesn't do innuendos, all his statement s are straight. OOps what have I just said :w00t:
  4. And your Point is?????

    All of us (With the exception of You) on Here understand thingy ACC nozzer...

    If i as a ex Ganges ex stoker heterosexual can cope then surely a roughy toughy crusher can or do you just want to spice up your day Sgt?
  5. ________________________________________
    Over 60s only? Looks like I'll have to wait another 15 years before I'll be eligible. However, I have problems sleeping, think about sex about twice a month (and only then if I'm taking HRT) and used to being shouted at and bashed in and look forward to getting my own back on the fundamentalists. Can I join up as a Junior (ie anyone under 60 but aged 45 and over)???

    Shall I bring along my foil, for some good old fashioned fencing?
    The Thing

    the Newbies, the Vinceys, Honour the Trogs, at the Raleighs, the Civvies... er like me.

    Is your sailor wilting?
    Help is at hand... Visit 'Maintaining your Matelot'

    if he doesnt want to advertise being a poof ,then why keep on about it, i find him irritable, annoying and a sad fcuker with no life who has to post this siht to find his purpose in life, ie get a reaction. i look at this site and it bores the shit out of me seeing this bolloxs, full of old fcukers with a chip on the shoulder, no idea of the rn today, get the dockyard dandy to see whats left , look at the web, ask someone who is still in the mob if you can. no wonder i dont log in as i will probably now get picked up for punctuation and service writing . you re lucky as us gunners have only just mastered the use of crayons
  6. Pardon?

    (Only Joking!!)
  7. Tried quoting message from another forum and not good at it, thats why message seemed confused

    i just want to see proper jack banter , not bolloxs, good dits bullshit , like down the mess before/ after a run ashore

    ie who was the dirtiest bird you did, what was the best reason for being adrift, when did you first shag a whore, where, why did you shit on your oppo, why did you get caught.

    and the latest fleet gossip . good co's , bad jimmys, messdeck heroes / villains, no gay boy shit as is boring as fcuk
  8. For a new chap here you are being a bit silly.

    In the words of Quintin Crisp " Thingy is one of Britain's stately Homomsexuals"

    If you either don't like it/Him then feck off back to where you came from.

    I find some of Thingy's post Very informative. Your on the other hand I find tedious.

    I smell TROLL Good CO
  9. onnot a troll, proper jack, you must be ex , i will feck off back to where im from, the mess, are you one of the ex matelots who have forgoten where they are from, and boring me and the newbies who are your future,no wonder this site is shite and running off to good co, isnt that primary school behaviour cos you lost your bolloxs when you left?
    GET A FukCING LIFE. you lot wont new invigoration/ banter but you seem to be stuck in the navy of the hammock / old shit tot, we have moved on. How about OPS since you left. Isnt SUEZ history to half you lot??
  10. Well Wings, it's your modern navy that let the gays in. we in the old RN didn't have any (ain't I a lying bastard), so just put up with Thingy and his ilk.
    As it happens I am straight but I have a lot of time for those on the site who are not, in fact I would rather get pissed with them than people like you. Lets face it, gays are part of the rich tapestry of life, learn to live with it. Do you think you can do that or are you one of the modern RN who checks the showers to see who's in before using them. Do you go with a friend to protect your 180?:w00t:
  11. onno probs with gays, just you old fcukers who chop and change, werent you a victim of the witch hunt as well for shite posts but are now a stalwart of rum ration who putting links, and quotes from the papers on here bores me. never checked the showers as i knew you old cabbage and pish boys were tucked up, rounds were done and you were cleaned up after. my 180 was never a problem, was yours or is that another dit??
  12. I think that i like allwings, with a bit of training.....................................
    Diamond Lil's » Bill Clinton & black Guys
    Current Affairs » Muslim cleric loses extradition appeal
    Diamond Lil's » Italy court says military police can't have lovers
    Current Affairs » Big Jump In Inflation And 'More To Come'
    Diamond Lil's » Man fights for life after carjacking bid
    Site Issues » Site Slowdown
    Current Affairs » Bills force new mums back to work
    Site Issues » Site Slowdown

    says it all, cabbage and pish boy
    grt the rn banter going.tell me a good dit then. twat
  14. htp

    i am jack not pc or punctuation / service writing website. i want banter good dits and mess deck banter not homo/ prattish shite. isnt this the unofficial rn website. give me a a good dit
  15. Go through my posts, I`m fukcing not.
  16. know youre not, i like the truth, i hate liars bullies and pretenders

    i dont usually swear but i think it needs it here to sort out the chaff, but give me a good dit
  17. Good for you :roll:
    Give US a good dit.
  18. I fully respect Things right to his lifestyle and opinions. I do think that he is desperate for the reaction he normally creates (see his stokers thread for a classic example). His constant references to Ganges(a place he never actually attended) is a major cause as to why this site sometimes resembles an online branch of the british legion.
    Imagine a young AB visiting RR for the first time. Whilst he may be expecting naval information and banter, a quick perusal of the front page could well lead him to believe that he has arrived at a site dedicated to middle aged hermaphrodite attention queens, with a full supporting cast of the humour poor time rich ex matelots waiting to add their two cents of bile and vitriol.
    While RR would be a poorer place without thing, it would be great if he could tone it down a bit.
  19. not good at teling stories.
    me and my mate taff got shot at in 88 at djibouti main gate when coming back to the ship(hms birmingham)- roys boys- cos he wouldnt show his temporary id card,he was pissed and told driver to get to ship, gadgey got pissed off WITH US IN taxi SO SHOT AT US AND FAST BLACK had a hole in it. Same bloke when in 88 you had to be american to get into pancho villas - dubai,using PUSSERS ID card SO(O) - seaman ops- used as SEAMAN OFFiCER. BOOTIE DETACHMENT ARRIVED , Corporal RM detachment TURNED UP , taff tried the smooth talk, no entry, both half pissed, they tried to stow dwarf bouncer in panchi , DWARF STOWED THEM BOTH Dubai,both got put in prison for 2 days

    when i got busted, dirty whores i lived with in souda, amsterdam - need more, my ex wife,gunnery and bits and bobs, i have only done 21 years....SPROG

  20. I've learnt to my cost to stay away from the keyboard when pissed shipmate. :thumright:

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