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Ganges mast

I'll reply on my memory,which tells me I made it to the bar below the button and my young rock climbing head said sod that.
That's not a bar, dear boy - That's a yardarm.

Having said that, if there were a bar, I'd need a drink to get that high off the ground. I take my hat off to all of you.
The bar I was referring to is the one the 2 sailors are stood on below the button boy, I managed to climb up to that and thought sod that.
As I said, I take my hat off to all of you.
I would have never got that far up, without a safety line.

I think anywhere higher than the safety net would have been a struggle for me!:D
Above photos, unfortunately, the nearest I could get.
Looks like they've done a good job though
Last photo shows work for drainage and pumping station which when finished will be grassed over.

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