Ganges Graffiti

Discussion in 'History' started by andym, May 7, 2009.

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  1. On a recent trip to Ganges,we walked around the School block and found a load of graffiti on the wall,we also found a heads block thats been converted into a gash compound now.On it wall were a multitude of graffiti and one stood out especially,it read "Mary of Selby",any Ganges old boys out there know her or actually defaced the building with their own graffiti?
  2. The only one I remember was a girl called Shotley Sue,mmmmm
  3. Selby's full of fat munters anyway.
  4. The Old School Block (the red brick building opposite the railings adjacent to the Wardroom) was sold off as private flats several years ago - with a starting price of £100K (which was a lot then!). Do you mean this building Andy or one of the remaining former boys' trade training blocks?

    If private flats have been vandalised then that is most annoying. I am much more annoyed by the wandon destruction of the (in)famous Mast through deliberate neglect, despite it being a Grade II Listed Monument! :x :x :evil:

    I'd love it to be FULLY restored complete with climable shrouds and a disabled friendly elevator to the viewing platform 80ft aloft ;) so I could take my 4x5 inch film camera aloft and do some aerial photographs just like Reggie Fisk! :p

  5. Yes that the building in question.Its not new graffiti in the main its mostly from Ganges inmates during their time there i would imageine.
  6. I served in HMS Ganges as a POMA on the Sick Bay staff in the 1970s. I found it a bizarre place; a large RN Establishment devoted to inducting little boys into a life-style that was history in 1939!. The staff were either drunks or sadists (or both) and those who had some humanity were lost in the general day to day life of trying to prevent the boys from killing the "Nutty Barons" on blank weeks and covering up for their drunken oppos,. As Duty Sick Bay PO my main job was ensuring that the poor little sods who came back on board pissed did not have a head injury before they slept it off in cells. Thank God the RN closed the place. I understand that the RN is now mainly a place for little girls, but thank the Lord it no longer tortures little boys.

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