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Short covered way was near the mast and was considerably shorter than te long covered way.
new recruits were marched into Ganges after the Four weeks in the new entry quarters across the road from Ganges proper.

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I did new entry in Ganges itself, I've a feeling it was in the short covered way. I seem to recall though, that it was moved to another building at some time but memory's too hazy.

And I think I was in 20 recruitment.


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38 Recruitment (I think)....Feb 61... 295 class Exmouth Div.... Green mansions.....after eviction from SCW......I think our dhobying offended the stokers.......well... we were communicators after all !


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As far as I can recall 11 Recruitment, Fearless Division, Long Covered Way near the top. Nov '73.


10 recruitment, 302 class, Drake 17 mess , JEM`s , Ships book No1558, May 69.
Those far away places with strange sounding names .. Harwich, Ipswich and Felixstowe !!!


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I'm usually not one for keeping stuff just for the sake of it being old, a building from eighteen canteen for example, because it was once a rope store, but I think that mast was a pretty fuckin' awesome thing in its own right. Just like a tall ship is a thing of awe.

Surely it was a one-off and worth keeping, though not necessarily in situ?


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I vaguely remember there being a plaque embedded somewhere in the parade ground marking the spot where a zeppelin had dropped a bomb, can anyone verify that ?
That's right. If memory serves it was on the parade ground side of the mast and slightly to the left when facing the quarter deck. About six inches across. Funny thing, I never can remember if it was polished or just dull brass or bronze. :neutral:


Don't suppose us 1970s sprogs count as real Ganges boys only being there three months or so. One of the last intakes, me, December 1975, perfect time of year to arrive in East Anglia. But we were still called classes, my one was: 'Mess 14, 013 Class, Leander Division'. Forgot the details but found all my letters and postcards in my Mam's stuff after she CTB last year, she'd kept the lot.
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