Ganges gossip! Moved from Qtr deck!

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by Jenny_Dabber, Jun 5, 2006.

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  1. OK OK OK!!!!!!

    Let me clear this up, I have added this as a sticky, so if you feel like having a natter about the old days, do it here please. We have had enough problems with people moaning that threads keep going into Ganges. I am not showing any disrespect at all but I think this may be for the better, for now anyhow.

    All Ganges talk in here, if you think any thread (any where) on Rum is turning into a ‘Ganges’ 3 day fling, add the link of this thread to the one that is drifting.

    I have no problems with old talk but like others, I wasn’t even being conceived during the ‘glory’ days!

    So boys, take it away!


  2. Re: All Ganges in here!

    Not born during the glory days Jenny? My commiserations. You ain't lived. If you ever fancy a guided tour of what's left of the place (not much) including the Museum, you can call on any one (or all) of dozens (perhaps hundreds) of us ex-Ganges lads in Rum Ration or the Association, to personally give you a tour. You won't hear any black-catting from us! :)
  3. Re: All Ganges in here!

    Will be allowed to use the G word again on that forum?
    Will it be a private Forum like the ATC in case we speak of something secret, embarrassing, or of interest to only TROG's?
    Can we adminster cuts to any body who steps out of line?
    Will we have badge boys and Junior Instructors?
    Will the Moderator be paid no more that 15 shillings (75p) per week until he/she qualifies as a G****s 1st Class Moderator?
    Can we still go Sea Training on the Venus?


  4. Re: All Ganges in here!

    Jenny, Do you understand our jargon or do you, as a very, very young person, need Nutty to explain himself? I think the 15 shillings pocket money is definately the way forward for all moderators. Don't giggle too much Jenny, it was worth quite a bit then! A shilling for every year of our age. :roll:

    Just out of interest Jenny: would you have joined up at 15 had you had the opportunity (and the qualifying prerequisites: the appearance of innocence, big ears, falsetto voice, never used a razor :lol: )?
  5. Re: All Ganges in here!


    In them days she allso have needed a toggle and two


    PS did a new topic but it went off to Quarter Deck General
  6. Re: All Ganges in here!

    I was thinking if lasses has been admitted... Just think a mixed Ganges :D
    A female oppo to pull on my collar :D
  7. Re: All Ganges in here!

    My grandpa joined up at 14yrs old, pre WW2. Sid you were given a few bob on doing so, he shot off back up to Avoch and gave his mother the dosh then scooted off to join up.

    Tell you one thing, he did have some good dits to spin, had a great one about the Hood!

    And yes you can say Ganges in this thread, no problem at all!
  8. Re: All Ganges in here!

    I deleted your post Nutty, nearly had a hissing fit when I say it but I have moved it in here.

  9. Re: All Ganges in here!

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    Come to think of it Jenny, is there any chance we could have our own Forum where we could transfer all our fora to? This would seem the obvious long term solution. It would also prevent us eventually taking over The Quarterdeck as we happily navigate into different and diverse aspects of life in that most gentle of all naval training establishments (useful for those of us who have chunks of our memory missing/lost at sea).
  10. Re: All Ganges in here!

    My, I expressed myself poorly for a JRO! What I meant was a new forum for all the Ganges dedicated topics. :mrgreen:

    I have listed the links below. I'm sure Nutty will fill in any gaps:-

    Ganges (QD):

    JTEs (Naval History):

    Share your memories... (General):

    Mostly (but not exclusivly) Ganges banter:

    I was going to add Nutty's sea training Class but I notice it has done a bunk! Looks like 6 cuts Nutty!

    With a seperate Ganges forum under say the General heading, we can have a seperate links section and sections covering every aspect about Ganges we might possibly wish to discuss (which will be many, I'm certain!). We could even have an "Annexe" section for those curious to learn about the place. Ganges affecianodos (how do you spell?) could visit it and for everyone else for whom Ganges IS HISTORY they can avoid it :lol:
  11. Re: All Ganges in here!


    Jenny moved it here see the post above so I do not know where we can discuss such things I have been in PM contact with her about a Training Establishment Forum which could cover G*****, St Vincent and Raleigh but not tiffs from Fishguard no way. May even open it out to Murcury, Dryad, Vernon, Sultan etc.

    Nutty We await developments.
  12. Re: All Ganges in here!

    I am trying to sort something out lads, please don't panic.

    I have not forgot about you all! It is demanding being a woman trying to keep you all happy!

    (No puns!!)
  13. Re: All Ganges in here!

    Jenny, don't panic! I admire your effort and as a Ganges boy circa 1957 (who subsequently served as boy, rating, and subsequently as a commisioned officer for 37 years before becoming a Retired Officer in the Mod), I (for one) do not subscribe to the sometimes frantic testorone fuelled opinions of my chums! Keep it going kid - you are spot on line!
  14. Re: All Ganges in here!

    A Training Establishments Forum is a great idea. Poor Tiffs! As fellow ex-boys they should, like us, have pride of place in the new forum! How about a forum subtitle:

    [align=center]Abandon all hope ye who enter here!
    The unofficial Ganges motto. :lol:

    PS: Nutty, it's nice to see from your avatar what you really look like! I think I may have met you somewhere, no sure where though? :wink:
  15. Re: All Ganges in here!

    We appreciate all your hard work Jenny. I nominate you for election as an Honorary Ganges Boy, or perhaps you'd prefer to be an Honorary Ganges Junior? :)
  16. Re: All Ganges in here!

    Can I be a junior please, I am not a boy!
  17. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Re: All Ganges in here!

    :D 8O :D
  18. Re: All Ganges in here!

    Jenny, don't get these poor old Ganges boys to exited, you never know where it may end.

  19. Re: All Ganges in here!

    If I close my eyes and click my little red shoes together and wish for home, will I escape the lot of you? Or open my eyes to a suprise?

    Still trying to get an 'old and bold' forum set up................let you know the score later on!
  20. Re: All Ganges in here!

    I recently discovered that a colleague of mine is an old Ganges boy. What suprised me was the fact that he is really really old, it was the fact that he hadn't mentioned it 417 this week alone.

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