Ganges Association website closing 2nd June 2007

Courtesy of Whitemouse, I have just learned that the HMS Ganges Association website is to close with effect from 2 June 2007. Clive's reasons for doing so are reproduced below:

[align=center]May 2007

Closure of HMS Ganges Association Website[/align]

This is to inform you that over the next 48 hours I will be closing down the HMS Ganges Association website and removing it from the world wide web.
The website has been in existence for 10 years and has been a challenging, time consuming but mostly enjoyable experience.
Regrettably after attending the 2007 Reunion and AGM I have come to the conclusion that I can no longer support or belong to this association.
I have had some concerns over the recent years regarding the management of the association and other associated concerns such as the 'Slop Room' 'Mast Fund' 'Museum' and the treatment of officers of the committee.
Combined with these concerns which may be due to misunderstandings or lack of communication I have to admit that not all association members or committee members are happy with the new internet technology and unfortunately due to ignorance or narrow vision have not been prepared to grasp the opportunities that this technology can provide.
Therefore I have decided to weigh and proceed to more user friendly ports.
I hope, nay I am sure, that someone else will take up the challenge and that a new HMS Ganges Association website will soon appear online.

Best Wishes

After an email message from the Membership Secretary and several other members, I have agreed to keep the website live until my return to the UK on the 2nd June to enable as many members as possible to be informed of the situation.


Clive's email address: [email protected]
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