Ganges 1960 - what recruitment would I be?

I am often asked by old tars what recruitment I was at Ganges, but I can't remember.

I joined 5th Jan 1960. Simon Dupree was our Junior Instructor. When we
over to the Main as a Bunting Tossers to Benbow Div, Chownes was our Badge Junior in Benbow.

By the way, if anybody is interested, I visited what is left at Shotley about six months ago, and took photographs. Drop me an email, and I will
forward them to you. But it will be a shock. The mast is now rusty,
there are weeds growing thru the tarmac of the officers tennis courts,
and just about every window in the dining block has been put in.
[email protected].
i know what you mean lever - my old barracks has holes in the roof, and is a residence for squatters and mice more than people nowadays - its been empty since 1994 when the base closed.


Lantern Swinger
buntslever: I joined 12 July 1960 and Recruitment 33(U)1 comes to mind, or was it 133(U)1? I cannot find this on my docs. o/c of the Annexe I was Drake 40. I think the U stands for upper. About 40+ of us were split into two classes, I cannot think why I should be in the "Upper" because I was thick, I just made it in, I might not have this correct.........if someone knows different??????? (not the thick part, that is correct)
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