'Gang-raped girl was glad of the attention,' says barrister

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, May 18, 2007.

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  1. Re: 'Gang-raped girl was glad of the attention,' says barris

    Those Barrister cnuts will defend anybody for a pocket of silver. If it was my daughter they would be walking round with a high pitched voice no problem.
  2. Re: 'Gang-raped girl was glad of the attention,' says barris

    I think there is a point here, young girls do dress more provocatively at a younger age than in 'the good old days' and I think that this may have an impact on an increased level of sexual attacks. But then again, society on a whole dresses more provocatively than in the past, and we have traditionally dressed our children in the fashion of their parents.

    Sorry, is Miss Davies trying to state that its quite normal for sixteen year old girls to consensually have sex with strangers? Just what world does she live on?! (And how can I get there? :wink: :twisted:)

    So this is the argument that the sex was consensual? Sounds a bit unrealistic to me. I personally cannot imagine anybody willingly having sex with someone who's just mugged them so they can get their mobile phone back.

    Sounds like rape to me.

    However, in defending the Barrister: if she is called upon by the court to defend the boys, then she must do that to the best of her ability regardless of what her actual beliefs are. If she doesn't she could find herself being prosecuted. There is a danger that courts do not divulge who the guilty party is, but sometimes the court only determines who of the prosecution and the defence is the best debater.
  3. Re: 'Gang-raped girl was glad of the attention,' says barris

    Who the fucik was this posted by???

    Yep. 8O
  4. Younger girls may be dressing more provocatively than in previous years but that was a very weak point to make to try and defend the boys, surely that shouldn't be considered an adequate excuse for raping anybody?
  5. Its an adequate excuse to try and chat them up.

    Apparently I've heard in the USA there are two different sorts of rape. There is 'rape' and there is 'date rape'. The difference is whether the attacker knows or not whether the sex is truly consensual.

    In a case of rape, the attacker knows full well the attention is unwanted, but pursues the assault regardless. The woman's wants are not considered in this case.

    In a case of 'date rape', the attacker has 'mis-read the signals' and genuinely believe the sex is consensual.

    My argument that this case could be construed as date-rape is that the girls were dressed provacatively, and this could be seen as if 'they really wanted it'. Also according to what the court heard the girls were consenting to sex and the return of the mobile phones were payment. It could be argued that the mugging was playful, boistrious behavior and that the boys believed the girls knew this all along.

    However, on the other hand: it could be argued that sexual consent (if indeed given) was given under duress and therefore it isn't really consent at all. This would make this a case of malicious rape. Revealing clothes may have attracted the attention of the boys, this should not ever be considered by any man that a woman is 'gagging for it'.
  6. not really true peter - date rape is when the person is raped by someone he/she knows where as rape is by a stranger (usually).

    both carry the same penalties.
  7. Re: 'Gang-raped girl was glad of the attention,' says barris

    Peter is demonstrating his youth now - he obviously forgot:

    mini skirts
    boob tubes
    halter necks
    see through blouses
    going braless

    etc etc all of the above have been around since the 60s70s I don't think its different now. The navel/thong thing is a new development and its not for me to comment on these items:lol:
  8. Re: 'Gang-raped girl was glad of the attention,' says barris

    ??? :roll: What is your point ?????? :cry: Please tell aussie!!

    I'm lost!
  9. Re: 'Gang-raped girl was glad of the attention,' says barris

    Not an excuse, but that is why in the RN they have a go at you for leaving your locker open as it may encourage theft.
  10. Re: 'Gang-raped girl was glad of the attention,' says barris

    Aussie (Grimelkin first class)
    If you object to my postings, then don't read them.
    Please inform me of the reason for yet another attack.
    As you are so concerned that about my postings I will ask members if they think I should continue or not.
  11. The argument from provocation is distasteful and very dodgy. It is in fact similar to the more extreme Islamic argument that women must wear the full burqua lest their faces or any part of their flesh excite the passions of men. The apologists of male violence against women are in effect arguing that male sexual violence is instinctual and thus not controllable by men in the last instance.
  12. IMHO instead of trying to find excuses for the devients who do this the courts should be punishing them harder. These boys were what, 16, if they get away with it now they will do it again and ruin another or possibly many other lives. Blaming the girls for dressing provacatively is easy, forgiving a total lack of physical control from the boys is unacceptable. This makes the girls look like they are the guilty ones makeing a traumatic time even worse.
  13. I wonder if the female barrister defending these hero's has daughters of her own? If so if they come home distressed after a date is she going to say, well dressed like that you invited him to molest/rape you? Don't think so.
  14. Re: 'Gang-raped girl was glad of the attention,' says barris

    And then you did Slim, didn't you??
    Keep posting Slim, it's your right.
    I just find this whole article, a little offensive ok??
    But there's always the 'But Pints, it's in Diamond Lils' line, get out of jail free card, isn't there?
    Sorry I find this personally, an offensive article. :cry:
  15. Re: 'Gang-raped girl was glad of the attention,' says barris

    Can you please explain not only to me but to other users what your comments have to do with the topic?
    If you wish to bury your head in the sand because you find the subject of rape too hard to handle, then don't read the article. However I would like the opportunity of informing readers of the the of excuse which can be made by barristers to justify a rape. I also find it hard to believe that the barrister is female.
  16. Aussie P

    I agree that, no matter how offensive the subject, Slim shouldn't be criticised for posting it. Remember, he did add at Post 1 to his Thread;

    As I read it, he's not supporting rape but having a swipe at those who must defend the culprits.
  17. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Re: 'Gang-raped girl was glad of the attention,' says barris

    From the reference Miss Davies, the barrister, said: "No one suggests this is a lesson in politeness and gallantry. It is all too unrealistic that sexual encounters between boys and girls who have never met before must be against the girls' will.

    "I am afraid cold stark reality is that things are not the way they used to be and every parent lives with the moment when their children start experimenting with sex for the first time.

    "The clothing available for young girls is so provocative they are worried about the effect that could have on them.

    "There is pressure on girls from eight to wear these stomach revealing outfits, skinny jeans worn way down on the hips.

    "They are learning to be sexually attractive, perhaps before their time.

    "It's about, 'Let's try it, let's get on with it.'

    "I am afraid information in the media tells us that some girls do comply, maybe to gain attention, maybe to gain affection, and go along with it quite willingly."

    When you read what she has said, it does not appear that she is saying that the girl had a 'right' to be sexually assaulted, but that she may have conformed with a media stereotype in order to gain the attention of boys, probably prematurely. Additionally, although it is not a desirable part of the job, but she is only doing her job as a Defender; not to prove that her client did not commit the offence (which is likely to be proved) but to test the definition of consent on the part of the girl. And to do that the Defender has to discredit her credibility. Unfortunate, but that is part of her job.
  18. I think there is a tendency to sentence more severely in these cases the more robust the defence is. The problem really is that some men still do think this is a valid excuse, and are unlikely to think differently even after being found guilty.
  19. Re: 'Gang-raped girl was glad of the attention,' says barris

    What planet are you from? :roll:

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