gang members at family day

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Nails, Jan 26, 2009.

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  1. Right, so at week 3 we can have a family day right ... where we can invite family in and friends. Thing is a lot of my friends are gangsters and so I'll be bringing my gang down with me to family day. How will this go down within the corps? Obviously the boys will be donning the usual gang colours and possibly packing. What I don't want is for any of the staff at CTCRM to feel intimidated by the lads and feel threatened. I also am a bit worried that if the boyz are spoken to harshly they'll retalliate and all hell will break loose.

    I left the gang a long time ago cos was sick of bein caugfht up in a world of violence and guns, that's why i'm joining the corps. But my old gangster mates are still close to me and I want them there on family day. I just don't want us to have the staff on one side armed withy SA80s and the boyz on the other armed with Mac-10s. Simply because Mac-10 is better than the SgAy80 and I don't want my training team shown up by the lads and then try and take it out on me during training.

  2. Nails, quality post. :lol: :roll:
    I wouldn't worry about your homies mate the Marine on Sentry at the main gate or down at the Railway will disarm them all with his Unarmed Combat skills, the First Drill and the RSM will shame them on the skate boarding half pipe and then the Duty lady Sailor will drink 'em under the table in the NAAFI.
    Your Bad Boi Crew will be the laughing stock of the British wannabe Gangsta community.
    Word, innit.
  3. Yet another "quality" attempt from Nails. Originality for sure, and yet I can't wonder what would happen to the "hood" whilst all the "boyz" are down at CTCRM...
  4. When will you give up Nails

  5. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Shouldn't be a problem bro, just make sure the gangs colours arn't orange, the boyz'll get confused with the troop in induction block else.

    Family day after three weeks? Cant the training teams wait till week 15 to shag your sister anymore?
  6. :lol:
  7. This has to be his best thread so far. Straight out of Compton!
  8. I'm not joking. Don't f'uck with the boyz cos they aren't used to bein pushed around. where we come from we run the streets and if anyone tries telling these street soldiaz what to do there's gonna be a ruck. this is a few of the lads here:

  9. That write up was on us tho. Wer aren't chavs tho.
  10. PMSL Nails good effort unfortunately I don't believe ya anyways lol

    You said you gang had gang colours if that is you guys what happened to them lol

    And they are chavs in that picture lol

    You a chav Nails???

    PS the article is about the word chav not you lol
  11. The Blue Oyster would suit him more. Maybe Thingy could take him there lol
  12. :oops: :oops: Hard As :roll: :roll: they havent started to shave yet :roll:
  13. Only the hairs around they ring-piece to enable their mates to provide a bit of beefing action!!!
  14. Not being funny Nails, but if you're in Foundation, tell me how you get access to a computer during the day???


  15. That pic was taken way back in 2001. Them boyz are hard as f'uck now. They were hard back then but now they could batter f'uck out of any Marines no messing. Especially considering Marines unarmed combat is unrealistic and impracticle. They may look like chavs but they are a lot more deadly.
  16. Must be a real fcuker knowing you have just been made to look even more bone than usual!!! Tell your mates to fcuk off and do their paper rounds

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