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I've got a Wii because I managed to convince my missus that it would keep her in shape and it was cheaper than a gym membership. The fact that I only use it to play Guitar Hero and Call of Duty hasn't seemed to cross her mind as yet.

The tennis and golf are pretty awesome too, quite sociable and great fun when you have guests round. If you get the Wii Fit you can also get your missus to do this:

To be honest I'd rather have a PS3 but I don't think the long haired chief of staff would agree to that somehow.
Hmmm, good question Janner, I'm soon to have a single cabin all to myself and have been looking into something like this to occupy my time, other than some dodgy edition of Readers Bints I happend to find in the SR Heads...

On a serious note - I've been looking at the games side of things, and what I think i'd enjoy playing/losing at. I've never been a 'gamer' as such, only having played the FIFA football against my younger brother and getting a proper thrashing ( West Ham 0 - MK Dons!!!! 17... 8O ).


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im a xbox fan and in my opinion the online play is much better than the ps3 and the design of the controller is made to fit your hand nicely other then the ps3 controller which is too small, especialy if you have big hands.

for xbox choice i would go for the elite or the premium
Not a console, but if you don't want to play multiplayer with your mates then I'd recommend going for a PC everytime. Great range of games, easily upgradable for less than half the cost of a new PC as well.

Could build an ace PC including the operating sytem (or you could find a one-eyed version and use your current PC's product ID/serial number :wink: ) for about £400. Mine cost £300 to build but I found some extremely cheap parts :lol:

But if you're after a console then probably the Wii.


What Chris said about the Xbox controller is bollocks now. 8) You can get adapters that fit the xbox controller to the PS3, give me a minute and I'll find the link.

This is the only one I can find at the moment:

The last one I saw was only £20. Alternatively you can jack around with the controllers, hacking bits off, soldering them back and drilling the controller to make a custom one.
On paper its a PS3, which i own, but i must admit the online gaming is more popular on the Xbox which i have as well, i refuse to buy a Wii but Female Daffy has one. Dont rule out pc gaming, which i love but can be costly, the plus side to PC gaming is where the xbox and PS3 can only play up to 1080p the PC can go up to 1200p, which makes a great difference, but 90% of the games are just console ports.
Hmmm, i've been thinking about a good laptop, although they can cost if they're to still be software/hardware relevant next month....

As for the consoles, i'm not sure. From what i've read the Xbox can be un-reliable, although it's £100 cheaper than the PS3. Swings and Roundabouts I guess.

I'm half tempted to say sod it and stick to what I know - Books, Gym and Guiness (and maybe a wooden bound Atari....).
I have a PS3 and the bonus with that console is the fact you also gain a Blue Ray player, which could be good for those living in SLAM. Graphics tend to be better on the Xbox, but as TheLa stated, they tend to be a bit unreliable by all accounts.

Get one, get COD6 (MW2) and lose days, just like my twenty something son. :)
I have an xbox but don't really give a toss which is best as I am **** on any games machine.

I lie I beat my four year old grandson on his gamesboy at the weekend! :lol: :lol:


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Cheating the grand kids to win is a given, my 4 year old grand daughter caught me cheating a couple of months ago and still won't let me or her parents forget it. :oops:
janner said:
Cheating the grand kids to win is a given, my 4 year old grand daughter caught me cheating a couple of months ago and still won't let me or her parents forget it. :oops:
So you reckon my bribe of a Ben Ten alien toy may not work then? :?
Really it depends on what sort of game you want to play.The PS3 and Xbox are pretty good at what they do,however unlike the PC they are limited to what you can add to the games.With a PC the majority of games have very active modding communities that constantly strive to make games better than when they were released.However there does seem to be a trend that a lot of games producers are making games that are predominatly for Consoles and just off the PC gamer a "console port".The downside to these are usually the lack of SDK's and the ability to make deep mods.Also alot of developers are now moving away from Dedicated servers for online play.So unless things change it looks like consoles will be the cheaper option as if youre a PC gamer you will only get a "console port"Obviuosly some games just cant be played on Consoles as they are limited to their processing power.
Meh, the age old question. Currently the PS3 has the best processor performance wise. They lose a packet on every one they sell. Of course the old PS2 games don't run reliably so they nixed the ability to run them on the updated machines. The market in PS2 has remained buoyant thanks to this, people still want to play GT 1-4 and the huge library of PS2 stuff. Once GT5 finally drops they will no doubt see a steady stream of sales. Blu-ray winning the format war cannot have hurt them, players are still $120 or so. Still havent seen the killer game for this console, despite Ratchet n Clank and the many FPS.

The Wii has the best controller sets for wanging a tennis bat or golf club etc. and the Mario series, and Mario Kart. Wii fat doesn't move me, but the Tony Hawk controllers and some of the Jap party games are not on any other console. Its certainly the cheapest, and the hardware is very decent. Reams of JDM mods are out there, you can use the "revolution" for anything you can think of.

The X360, well its just a retarded PC but Xbox Live is where its at for console multiplayers, PGR1/2/3 racing is great, (as long as you never played Gran Turismo) and COD lives on the sodding Xbox. Its past it best hardware wise, and the HD DVD thing was a mistake, but for the money theres plenty of software out there, and most PC peripherals cross over to it. You probably wouldn't be unhappy with one if you don't have to have Gran Turismo 5.

PC's, well, how fast do you want to go is how much have you got. Until the next feature size processors are out, you are at a 3.something clock speed, with multiple cores. But motherboards allow you to have multiple Gb plus video cards linked together and 12Gb of RAM on even pedestrian machines. Developers cannot possibly exploit all that power, they already plunge millions into developing games that are 2-3 yrs out of date by the time they come to market. Upsides, well a 24" LCD runs about $150, memory and hard drives are ever expandable and a Gb video card is $50. Most console controllers can be made to work with your games (see DrZ post), and as AndyM points out the game community is biggest on the PC titles. Im off to play metal slug on a Neo Geo......


Console golf games have always been the mainstay of my gaming life. From passing away the night watches at Forest Moor with 4 of us playing 4 round tournaments on the Sega Megadrive, through to yours truly hacking his way around PC platform games such as PGA Championship Golf 2000 and most of the Tiger Woods series.

Then a bit of luck for me. The missus wanted a Wii for Crimbo (I'm sure I didn't misunderstand her) so I bought her one thinking that she wanted to shed some recently acquired poundage! Number 2 son, a bright lad, then delivered the latest Tiger Woods Wii game as one of my pressies and I've been hooked (no pun intended) ever since. Best golf simulator you can get for 40 quid IMO.

Mind you my back hasn't had anywhere near this amount of regular exercise in years unfortunately so it aches considerably, far more than it ever did before the missus gained said poundage and allowed me to regularly exercise my back muscles in a non-virtual way!
PS3 for me. I had COD MW for it and now have COD modern warfare 2, and cant stop playing it. I used to own an xbox then the 360, which i sold to fund the PS3. In my eyes the best decision i have ever made.

Also the best thing about the PS3 is Grand Turismo. I've just been round my mates and he has knocked up a racing seat and pedal set up with a fairly expensive steering wheel and was the most fun ive had in ages. I just cant wait for the new one to be realeased. Problem is I dont think just using a controller will be the same anymore :(

I used to game on my PC and played Counter Strike and also the Early Call Of Dutys. However from now on its consoles for me.
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