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andym said:
What about having a Galley where we can post our favourite scran(scoff for you BJ's)? :eek:

Might I suggest that you start a thread, titled "galley", in the appropriate area (Quarterdeck, for example)...

If it grows massively, to the extent where it needs to have a separate forum, then I wouldn't see a problem with that. As it stands currently, though, I don't forecast enough "traffic" to warrant a forum of its own.

Please, feel free to prove me wrong :D



War Hero
Cheesy, Hammy, Eggy is THE dish of all time. My kids still love it big time and is also good as snack after a few hours 'on it'

What about some classic 4 or 9 o'clockers feeds...

Herrings In, Baby spew, toast and cackleberries and pots of cheese spreads.

Others worthy of a mention; Train smash, babys heads, choccie duff and sauce, manchester tart, surf 'n turf and everyone's favourite during the Falklands - tinned snorkers.
What could be more pleasurable when you have been closed up freezing your plums off sitting in a 40/60 on the GDP having to piss in a pigs ear that ran over the side?
Well action snacks of course. Pussers tae in an urn drunk out of your green plastic action mug and complimented by dry ships buscuits hmmmm