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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Nutty, May 28, 2006.

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  1. I have just been trawling through the pictures of branch badges in the photo gallery. I was hoping to grasp what some of the new badges meant in the way of branches.

    Not a single name, title or explanation on any single one, WHY? Granted one or two are obvious but most mean about as much as a 'Spiders Web' does to a 2006 New Entry.

  2. Did you know that they dont get there branch badges until they actually finish there respective branch courses now!
  3. Me thinks that is because they now all go to the same place for specilist training, instead of the branch dedicated traing base, ie. Dryad, Murcury, Sultan, Pembroke, Collingwood, Cambridge, Vernon etc. Branch badges made you part of the team.

    Not a good move in my opinion, team building means to make a person part of the team as soon as possible. A bit like telling a squaddie he is not part of the Regiment and can not wear the Regimental Insignia until he has done parts 1 and 2 of his basic training.

  4. Us MA's never got our branch badges till we fininished parts 2 and 3 training and that was in the late 70's!!!!
  5. Makes me think of all those wasted hours at Ganges sowing on your badges on every bit of kit they gave you,if only I was 16 again!!
  6. If you dare carry on with that oute of convo, I will force my PMT mood swings ont he lot of you!!!!!!!

    However, I am not going through the whole gallery naming them all, just yet any how. Wouldn't mind with some help either :wink:
  7. :roll: I would help you JD but I don'y know what they represent :roll:


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