Galaxy Note on Uniform Released

Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by TF110, Jun 29, 2007.

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  1. The Galaxy note is out - summed up it says that we replace "R"s with normal slides, and RNR Flashes with RN flashes. Ratings lose the "RNR" on their shoulder too. This applies to all personnel on the trained strength (does this mean YO's wear R's then?)

    The uniform is to be changed over and by 1 Nov all RNR personnel must wear RN rank tabs.
  2. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    All one, big happy family at last... :roll:

  3. Did it say if the ranks slides will be one-for-oned?
  4. Grat issue apparently!
  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Here you go:

    Royal Naval Reserve Officers and Ratings who are deployable on operations will no longer wear RNR distinguishing insignia from 1 Jul 07.

    1. In a significant step towards Reserves Integration and in recognition of the hugely important contribution being made by the Royal Naval Reserve across the wider Navy, Her Majesty the Queen has approved the removal of distinguishing insignia for all Reserve personnel (excluding Officers holding Honorary Commission). This will mean that with effect from 1 Jul 07, all Reserve personnel on the trained strength, deployable on operations under the Reserve Forces Act 1996, will be permitted to wear standard regular slides/lace. Officers will therefore no longer be required to wear the ‘R in the Curl’ either on their shoulder flashes/slides or No.1 uniforms, ratings will not be required to wear ‘Royal Naval Reserve’ shoulder insignia on their No. 1 uniforms and all ratings having successfully completed HMS RALEIGH New Entry Course will wear ‘Royal Navy’ rank slides.

    2. The Defence Clothing IPT is currently in the process of securing an uplift in regular RN insignia to meet the expected demand. It is anticipated that once these stocks have been secured all personnel will receive a gratuitous issue in the autumn. To allow time for all personnel to collect new insignia, Reserves personnel have been given a deadline of 1 Nov 07 by which time all deployable Reserves personnel will be visually indistinguishable from their regular counterparts.

    3. Further information, including details on demanding RN insignia, will be published in a forthcoming DIN.

    4. In addition, as a further step towards Reserves Integration, the RNR Logistics Specialisation will assume the RN branch badge of the Logistics (Supply Chain) specialisation from 1 Jul 07.
  6. Cooking the books methinks.
    "Oh yes, the RN strength rose by (insert RNR numbers here)"
  7. Am i close?
  8. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Now we can provide a national defence service SEVEN days of the week... :twisted:
  9. wave_dodger

    wave_dodger War Hero Book Reviewer


    When we need a weekend off we'll call, you don't worry! But don't wait up too long.
  10. Apparently they are calling ^_^;
  11. Am I the only one who finds the tone of this galalxy brief deeply insulting? I am now 'permitted' to remove the R from my curl.
    I suppose all is not lost - I see that I will 'no longer be required' to wear the R. So I presume I can choose to retain it, and I think I propbly will.

    OK, so after 20 years regular service ( with out an R) I am proud of being allowed to join the Reserves.

    Of course on deployment I will be indistinguishable, but in No !'s and Mess Undress I think I shall bear my Rs.

    Can I suggest a rallying call? "Up Your Rs"
  12. I'm also quite fond of my R's (or should i say RNR's)

    Another thing that i have noticed is that new entries have also been issued RN tabs and told to wear them.

    Now call me an old stick in the mud but i couldn't wait to get to Raleigh and EARN my tabs. It was something to work towards.

    The fact that the NE's get them immediatly i found a trifle insulting (now awaiting trifle jokes!) after i'd worked for them.

    Dont get me wrong, the new entries are our future and most of the new entries at our unit are great chaps and chapesses and i cant wait til they're coming on regular weekends with us but i think that the tabs were something to be earned.
  13. The majority of full timers hate this. Were not one big happy family so why pretend we are. Why wear Royal Navy badges if your not in the Royal Navy. If your in the Royal Naval Reserves in my opinion you should wear RNR badges. I woudnt go around wearing RAF or army badges becasue im not in the RAF or army.
  14. but if your serving with rnr's at sea whats the difference there doing the same job as you
  15. The RNR was amalgamated into the RN in 1994 hence the reason why they took our sweepers away. It may not be our full time job but we'll muck in and do whatever is expected of us when we are with the RN.

    You dont wear Army or RAF badges because you havent gone through the recruitment process to join the RAF/Army. We have gone through the same recruitment process as the RN. While we only do 2 weeks at Raleigh thats becuase we are taught most of the stuff in unit before and in some cases after attending.

    I can understand your thinking to a degree and i personally would have prefered to keep the RNR tabs but like it or not we work alongside the RN, we're paid by the RN and we are taking up duties that the RN are stuggling to maintain.

    And finally, if the sh*t hits the fan its not the army or RAF that mobilise us - ITS THE RN.
  16. but its not though is it. im not saying its not an importent job etc but its still not the RN.
  17. what does the RN stand for then in RNR
  18. when does this happen? how many have done sea time? how many have done weekend, xmas dutys etc.
    what does the R stand for? the r is still there just not on the uniform.
  19. i know of 1 RR member who's been operational
    thats on here so how many do you think there are altogether
  20. Who does mobilise us then?

    Like i mentioned, i have (reluctantly) removed my RNR tabs and the Royal Naval Reserve Flash from my No's 1's. I think there should be a distinction between the two.

    I'll be the first to admit that theres nothing worse than an SAS (Saturday And Sunday sailor) trying to be more Jack than Jack. The nick name snowflake soon comes out (settles easy).

    But all i can say is that the RNR have committed to providing a minimum of 3 SPO teams perminantly mobilised. Add to that the other branches which have personnel mobilised and FTRS billets filled then you have a reasonable sized contingent currently serving with the RN.

    Its not like the old days where the RNR had its sweepers and never set foot on RN ships.

    The way i see it, if i can fill a billet on a ship be it for 2 weeks or six months that give another bloke in the RN a few days extra shore leave then i'm happy to do it. If i'm having to be babysat by that same bloke then there's no point in me being there.

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