Gaining weight!


Hey again guys

Just to let you all know, I passed the interview stage :D

Good times I know, but there is a reason this post is in the health and fitness section.

Before I undergo a medical I was advised to put on a couple of pounds!

They weighed me there and then and i was 58.5kilos, 1.5 short of the required 60.

I was lighter on that day, but not lighter by 1.5 kilos, any advise how to gain weight, muscle or fat, I could do with either to be honest!

Also is there any quick solutions, so I can take my medical as soon as, without delay!



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Drink a litre and a half of water before you get weighed 1 litre = 1 kg, hey presto 60 kg.
Just eat more calories than you expend, a protein drink from Holland and Barratt is as good as any, a £20 tub should last a month. mix with full fat milk.


Ah drinking water, genius

I was thinking more along the lines of swallowing stones lol!

In the med, how do i get weighed? stark naked orr?
The drinking water idea REALLY is a good idea

Seriously, eat loads, dont take a dump, drink alot of water before you get wheighed

Adds shit loads on

i know when i eventually get to my medical i shall be doing something along those lines.
drink plenty milk mate, a did same couple weeks ago.

av got me medical and fitness to goo shud piss on me fitness test like best time up to now is 8.48

drink plenty of milk n eat abit more foood than u normally do, this way if ya dont excersise itl ga as fat if ya doo helps create bigger muscles

hope tht helps



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It may help if he can translate it, here's hoping he has some relatives who are fluent in Serbo-Croat/Russian or whatever f****** language you've written that in. For future reference, English is the primary language used on this site.
Hi mate , how about trying weight lifting, starting with 20kilo, count 200 to 300 everyday as long as u can and do four( 12-15) sets of press up (open hand press up ) make sure u drink enough water during this as you wl often feel thirsty when doing the right thing this for one week i promise u will see the difference :tp: :bball:
Mate, I failed my RM medical first time round, came back a month later and did the water and eating trick, passed it no problems, straight on the train to lympsvich


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How tall are you? That is a tiny wee weight!

You need to start eating more, simple as that.

You could achieve 1.5kg weight gain of sorts in a few days no problem, but you need a long term solution. Eat more. A lot more.

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