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Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by jord2k7, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. not sure if this post is in the right section (i apolagise if it isnt) but i see weight training as sport lol .. wel here it goes, i have decided to start building my strength up before i go to raleigh i.e muscles... i just wondered if any body had any ways to go about it, my parents advised me to try protein/weight gainer but i wondered if this was aloud in the navy may be a stupid question but is it ?? any techniques or methods would be extremely helpful thanks... ( i am not wanting to look like mr incredible just to build my strength up) :D
  2. it's allowed, but only because it does f*ck all.

    Serious athlete? using weights? Liquid creatine.
  3. ok thanks for reply whats the best way to go about gaining muscle? i join on the 7th of october so goin to start training next week (starting at 5:30am with a run) and so on ... any suggestions on products ? i.e powders/shakes ... i dont mean to sound completely stupid but i dont know anything about it so would be greatfull for peoples advise :D thanks
  4. Rely less on powders and shakes, and rely more on diet and hard work. You can get that extra recovery boost from artificial creatine, but it's only intended for serious use.

    Have a look for liquid creatine in there and it'll sort you out with some relatively cheap stuff with free UK delivery, however I suggest you have a few months weight training without it before moving onto creatine.
  5. thanks i intend to start training every day ...
  6. Do bodyweight exercises (pressups, situps) on a daily basis, for now this ought to be sufficient. Your AFCO will also provide you with pre-joining fitness advice.
  7. If you're not already a serious trainer then I wouldn't bother with supplements.

    The fitness you need for Raleigh isn't huge muscle mass, it's endurance and stamina.

    Run most days, take two days off a week for recovery. After your run do some bodyweight exercise; press ups, sit ups, dips, squats, lunges.

    For variety try a bit of cycling or stationary rowing if you have access to a machine.

    The RN is not all that interested in Arnie lookalikes.
  8. Take note of the above advice. How do you think guys got fit enough for RN or RM before muscle bound twats started popping pills etc? From the RM point of view, muscle guys fell into two camps, those who could never climb ropes and those who cried their eyes out yomping on the final exercise :)
  9. I always hired my muscle, couple of pints and I got to tag along with the big lads and shout abuse at civvys etc, then run away.
    Rather than muscle, looks good in the mirror, stamina and lots of it will serve you better. By all means get a well defined bod, but without staying power you're just a liability. Concentrate on reps rather than shifting massive weights and you should do ok.
    For a change do some swimming, use floats,so that you only use legs or arms(after a suitable warm up), this will prove useful at Raliegh as you do swim tests.
    Keeping motivated is the main thing, just because it's cold, raining or you just don't feel like it is not good enough, make up a reward system, if you keep to the programme for a week you can have a [email protected] or something like that ( Perhaps something a little better than my example, but you get the idea.)
    Best of luck .
  10. Remember to keep your "love muscle" in fine fettle by regular exercise - you know the real thing, either hand if you're ambidextrous and you shouldn't need any supplements at your age :thumright:
  11. thanks NZB ... oh cold/rain/snow doesnt bother me lol:D well thanks for all the replies...
  12. ...dont forget to lift heavy :thumright:
  13. :thumright: :thumright: :thumright:

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